[CONTEST] Show Your Love Contest

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by MoreMoople, Feb 1, 2023.

  1. It should be an in-game screenshot to participate. You don't have to participate, though. ;)
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  2. Happy Valentines Day !!
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  3. I love this entire community but especially my home SMP 6 <3333333

  4. i did alrady like 10 days ago
  5. That wasn't an in-game screenshot. :eek:
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  6. Every participant will be sent a Valentine's Day Treat on Valentine's Day (or after if the submission is after Valentine's Day).

    (when are we getting this?)
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  7. yes but it counts
  8. I will hopefully be sending it out later today. :)
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  9. ultipig was talking about it needing to be a ingame screen shot does the dog art count
  10. It does need to be an in-game screenshot. People can still enter for the main prize until the end of the month, so if you post a screenshot before then, I'll count it. :)
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  11. The prizes have been mailed out to everyone who followed the instructions. Enjoy your Box of Chocolate! :D

    Ten lucky players were randomly selected to receive an additional prize: The Blossom Bouquet!

    The Blossom Bouquet winners are:
    • Atels
    • LindenNZ
    • Raaynn
    • LunarEndergirl
    • Fred_TWK
    • GrumpyRedPanda7
    • Yixomua
    • jewel_king
    • bitnibbles
    • Cyberazaz101
    You can still enter to win the Box of Chocolate if you share a post before the end of February! :D
  12. ok

  13. i did actuly want to make all my textures this picture but that takes a lot of time im lazzy
    as a state mend to technicly make it a ingame texture so it counts as a screen shot but but
    i love my wall i actuly traded my kidneys for the raayn head but ther still some missin gota catch them all

  14. I have loved rainbows since I was a child, they're one of those things that just make me happy. :)
  15. just making shure did mine count
  16. Yes, that counts. :)
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  17. I love my residence :D It's been fun to build over the last year!
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  18. I love many things, but waiting for this to hatch has been a mission...
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  19. it probely takes another 11 years
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