[Contest][Finished] 50,000 Rupee Giveaway!

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by wonderwoman_16, Jan 3, 2016.

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  1. Hello fellow friends! Today, I decided to host a giveaway. This giveaway is the giveaway of 50,000 rupees. Please look at the information below if you'd like to enter, and know more about this contest!!!

    How To Join
    The way to join is by saying in the chat what number you want. You can pick between 1-30. That means only 30 members can join the contest. The first 30 people will to say what number they want will get that number. If you say somebody else's number by accident, we will give you a random number if not all the spots are taken. In the first comment, there will be the 30 people in the contest. I will pick the winner by choosing my favorite number. (Yes, my favorite number is on the list of 1-50.) If nobody picks my favorite number, I will pick the closest number to it!

    Contest Information
    The contest begins today, at 6:30 PM Eastern Time [EMC TIME]. The contest ends February 3rd, 2016, @ 6:30 PM Eastern Time [EMC TIME]. The prize will be mailed/paid February 4th. Time is unknown.

    • 50,000 rupees
    • 1 Vault Voucher
    • 16 Diamonds
    Good luck, and have fun!!

  2. 4

    Thank you. :D
  3. 21
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  4. Thanks for the giveaway! 13, please! :)
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  5. 11 thanks for the give away!
  6. 7 please and ty for holding this
  7. 7
    edit: damnit, ninja'd.
  8. I'll take 14, please! :)
  9. lol sorry bought that
  10. I would love 27
  11. Number taken. Gave you 19
  12. I would like number 10. :) Thank you!
  13. Number one please
  14. 17 please. Thank you! :)
  15. Number 22 please. Thanks for doing this giveaway! :)
  16. I'll take number 28, please. Thank you, HK. :)
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  17. 30 please and thank you hkr for the giveaway ;)
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Not open for further replies.