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    Concordia is a citystate on SMP5 where every citizen is empowered with unique rights, the ability to earn points for working for the community, and a strong voice in the running of the city.

    We have multiple guilds to participate in, whether you are interested in mining, building, hunting, or outpost politics. You can also occasionally receive a payment called a National Dividend for being active!

    You can learn essential information about how to participate in Concordia in the Concordia Guide!

    All other information is available in Concordipedia, a resource on everything about Concordia from its history to its geography to its politics!




    Concordia is located in the Wilderness Frontier of SMP5 at these coordinates.

    X: 3689
    Z: -13865

    There are two ways of reaching us.
    1. Via the Overworld
    Go to the North Outpost, and sail across the sea to us.
    This route is 4863 blocks long, and takes around 17 minutes by boat (13 minutes with a running start.

    2. Via the Nether

    You can access our Nether rail at

    X: -79
    Y: 43
    Z: 44

    The route is around 2,200 blocks long, and takes around 4 minutes 30 seconds by minecart, and 2 minutes 41 seconds by horse, which you can use your stable to bring down into the tunnel.

    Citizenship and Building

    To join and become a citizen, simply build a house in Concordia!

    When you're building, we ask you keep a few simple rules in mind.
    • leave room for roads around your house
    • leave room for your neighbours to expand
    • do not build below Y=20, the Mining Zone
    • do not build from undesirable materials (cobble, dirt, etc.)
    • do not build very tall buildings
    • do not build very large buildings near the general town area of Concordia
    • ensure mobs cannot spawn around your buildings.
    • don't build anything laggy
    Follow these (and of course EMC rules) and it is unlikely you will have any trouble.

    Our current citizens are as follows. I try to keep this list updated when I can, but there may be some inaccuracies.

    1. 72Volt
    2. Kitten3101
    3. AlarmGoesBeep
    4. Dee6983
    5. Trapper777
    6. Mizzo12
    7. H_Cat_5000
    8. Wisepsn
    9. Natesam34
    10. NotoriousPaulG
    11. Jake81201
    12. Mrlegitislegit
    13. Saint311
    14. Mman2832
    15. Shrimped
    16. Justin1796
    17. Jay_The_Miner
    18. qV_SnipZz
    19. PureBredGaeilge
    20. xSiik_Skillz
    21. Andrewmoose
    22. Failedreality
    23. Caden672 (under an alt)
    24. _J_a_k_e_
    25. 12info

    All citizens have rights which I must protect, and are entitled to participate in National Parliamentary Assembly proceedings. :)


    Our government is called the Concordian Corporation. It is led by me, the Mayor of Concordia.

    Ultimate power lies with you, the citizens, in a system of direct democracy. Any citizen may bring forth motions to our National Parliamentary Assembly, debate and discuss them, and vote on them, or give their vote to a trusted representative to use on their behalf if they wish.

    In the centre of Concordia is the Concordia Palace, a 32x32 cylindrical Stone Brick tower intending to reach the height limit. The Palace is the headquarters of the Corporation and includes public crafting and smelting facilities, a bed, an Ender Chest, a tree farm, a Guild room, beacons, and a free dirt chest. Other facilities include a storage facility for the Corporation, and the hall of the National Parliamentary Assembly.

    In the future, there are plans to construct a residence for me, the Mayor, more farms, cobblestone generators, a museum, and a high area for public viewing (once we reach a sufficient height).

    Guilds, Jobs and Points

    The Corporation is be composed of seven main guilds, as follows. Each Guild will have a guildmaster appointed by the Mayor.
    • The Office of the Mayor, with overall responsibility for running Concordia.
    • The National Parliamentary Assembly, which makes Concordian law.
    • An Army, to hunt mobs for rare items, tokens and XP.
    • A Miners' Guild, to mine diamonds, ores and stone.
    • An Engineers' Guild, to build public amenities, such as farms, roads and lighting.
    • A Couriers' Guild, to transport goods.
    • A Diplomats' Guild, to promote cooperation with other outposts.
    You can participate in the Guilds by doing Jobs. Jobs are posted on bulletin boards on the second floor of the Palace, and by doing them, you earn Points, and for every cube number of Points you earn, you get Ranks.

    The higher your Rank is, the more eligible you are for leading positions in the Concordia community, such as Guildmaster positions, and the more trusted you will be to undertake important jobs. You will also be able to get things lended to you more easily.

    The National Dividend
    (money for being active!)

    Sometimes, surplus goods held by the Concordian Corporation may be auctioned off. When this happens, the profits will be distributed equally among all citizens active in the last 7 days in what is called a National Dividend!

    Make sure you are active in Concordia, and you could be entitled to a National Dividend!


    Everything you need to know about getting started in Concordia and participating!



    Currently being written, stuff on the history and geography was lost during writing because my browser crashed. :(

    Everything you could ever want to know about Concordia!

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  13. Thanks to a certain Davie who is particularly big, we are now an established outpost!
    Soon, we will
    • open up to the public by publishing our coords, and allow people to freely build in Concordia (so long as they allow suitable room to expand and give room for roads and pathways)
    • begin the construction of the Concordia Palace
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