Concordia {Established]

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  1. Don't panic 72, I didn't learn the 2nd NRs flag was the same as the Domician Republic's till sometime in late May...
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  2. I can't, it's already in the public domain, and therefore ineligible for copyright. I could put a copyright symbol beside it, but on the off-chance I was brought to court over it by the government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo challenging my copyright, it wouldn't hold up.
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  3. Oh, never mind, I misunderstood the "until 1960" part, I was thinking what was the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1960 changed their flag two minutes ago >.> My bad.
  4. I'm thinking of moving out there. Advertising it is a good thing, right?
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  5. yes advertising for towns is a good thing. trying to get it really active and then i can start on a phase that i have planned for the town which will update it a bit