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  1. ^Exactly my point.

  2. Yeah...
  3. Unless someone in the private chat reports you, then there shouldn't be any issue with what you talk about. I'd be very clear that you ensure everyone in the discussion is okay with it before proceeding or you can still be punished for inappropriate chat in private channels.
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  4. I feel like both of these ideas could be good, a 2nd "global" chat but rather it be a "irl chat" I'm sure a better name can be had but basically for "controversial" topics and it's not naturally shown unless you do a command like /c irl and then a box comes up like with a disclaimer could be a great idea. Cause some of us would love to have civil conversations about covid and other stuff. I don't use social media (other then for business) and EMC is my only source for that kind of conversations.
    Also the cross SMP group idea would be nice. Don't have much to say I feel like its self explanatory.
  5. ^I love this idea. --- Though I still hate the fact that we're talking about a new channel when the new chat system does not remember your chat settings like it does your player settings. :mad:
  6. While i think keeping chat settings is great, if there was an IRL/current events chat, I think you should have to click the verify thingy mentioned by sefl every time you want to go into and view that chat, to avoid anyone who would complain about the chat, because you would have to actively accept to see it, and there is no way you could come across it unawares.
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  7. I just popped onto the EMC Discord today and saw that we had a public argument in-game... :S

    Staff... could we expedite a solution (even if it's a temporary one) soon? --- I do not think that new players enjoy having their chat spammed with people arguing... (I know I don't.) It depicts the EMC community in a bad way if their first experience(s) with EMC are people arguing.
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  8. So... avoiding being on EMC due to a "troll" being online was on yesterday did stuff nothing technically breaking rules but was just annoying on today again was causing drama. All the advice I saw being thrown out their by mod(s) Not sure if it was multiple was on for the end of it today but the advice was "just /ignore them" now... isn't that just contradicting why we can't talk about these "controversial topics" Is because people shouldnt be using /ignore or turning chat off?
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  9. Sefl, if anything, that's probably the current "temporary solution"... To be honest, that's pretty lame because there should be a more permanent fix for this. Not only that, but it doesn't fix the fact that new players get to witness the unrest in chat and assume this is what the EMC's community is like. :\
  10. Can you send me details in a pm? Not sure what kind of a temporary 'solution' you are talking about, as this thread was just to remind people of the limits. It seems to me the issue here is lack of staff action, though I won't know for sure until I look at the logs.
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