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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Krysyy, Jul 14, 2020.

  1. There seems to be 2 groups of people
    -Ones who would like to chat about minecraft and escape the real world
    -People who love to chat about IRL and current events e.t.c

    So why not 2 global chats?
    It would also help slow down the pace of chat if the chatting population was cut in two.

    Obviously there will be drawbacks such as a division between people, new players having to decide which chat to be in e.t.c but it's something to be considered.
  2. -1

    The current global chat is already missing a few functionalities that (still) have not been implemented. Adding a second global channel would be redundant (at least to me) and waste the devs time.

    I played on EMC within the past few days and things have seemed to be strictly Minecraft-related in the chat, which only makes this idea more redundant, as the issue has been resolved (for now). If players really want to participate in specific discussions with the community, they are more than welcome to post on the EMC forums. The forums cover a wide range of topics, of which they are free to post their ideas there; It's almost guaranteed others would chime in and response to their thread. :)

    If anything, I feel like we should promote the EMC forums in-game, if you want to encourage players to have a more active voice in the community, Minecraft or not. :D
  3. This will not be happening. The topics can just be discussed in group and private chats.
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  4. Suggestion: allow groups to work between different servers, so a group can be used to chat about things that aren't meant to be in town chat.
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  5. Nice idea Tom, but 2 things:

    1. If your idea is to have 2 separate global chats, like Sylenzo stated in his original post, then no, that would be quite redundent.


    2. If your idea is to make Group Chats global, than being restricted on the SMP that the group was created on, that sounds like something I'm for. However... I do not think that the current code of EMC would support that. As soon as you leave the SMP that the group was created, you are automatically "kicked" from that group and you only rejoin the group when you log back into the SMP the group is on.
  6. Wouldn't the devs just be able to remove the code that kicks you from the group in the first place?
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  7. As far as you can guess, sure. I want to hear it from Chickeneer himself if it's that simple, or if it's more complex. Regardless if it's simple or complex, you still run into the "Is it really necessary?" question.
  8. Yes, it's really necessary. :p
  9. In my opinion, it's not needed, but it could sometimes be useful if a group of people want to play on different servers but still be able to talk to each other privately as a group. Or even if just two people want to play different servers and want to talk privately without the constant pinging.
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  10. ^ I agree with this post.
  11. I feel like you've forgotten the possibility or usefulness of quoting. :p

    Anyway, I am hoping to see global group chat soon. :)
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  12. Can we have an explanation of what the difference between what's legal in private channels versus what's legal in community ones is?
  13. "Legal"? You mean illegal topics are being discussed?? :confused:
  14. I'm not staff, but I would assume that everything is allowed in private chats (though the filter might block some things).

    I'm fairly certain that they mean "allowed" with "legal".
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  15. if we have cross server pm, why not have cross server group chat. maybe in chat it will tell you who's on what or have a command /group global true, and /group smp true
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  16. Well, not quite, as intentionally causing drama (which can be done via private chats) is still not allowed, nor is sharing staff details, for instance. But as to topics, I would assume that everything legal is fine (including non family-friendly topics).
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  17. Thanks for your input everyone - but I'm looking for an official statement from staff.
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  18. HazardousCode, it's best you message staff directly if you want the fastest response. :)
  19. I would love to see group chats be cross server.

    Its basicly the globe chat but not with everyone in it
  20. But this thread was started by Krysyy, I would assume she would keep up with it. I'm not sure if that's right, though, staff might get too many alerts to go through them all!