Community Brainstorming Session 101

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    Hey everyone,

    Thanks to a recent post by one of our members, my brain gears are kicking in to overtime right now.
    And since two brains are better than one, let's include all of your brains as well!!!

    Here's what I need from you:
    Your input!
    -What do you want to see on the Empire?
    -What do you want to see on the Forums?
    -What contests do you want to see hosted?
    -What buildings do you want on 120 x 120 residences?
    -What else did I not mention?

    This server is formed on the foundation of the community.
    Therefore I turn to you, the community, for your input in what YOU want to see.

    *Note: Not all features can/will be added. However, feel free to suggest anything. It may lead to other ideas as well. Please keep the ideas and comments constructive.

    **If you want to suggest your idea privately, please PM me here

    Let the brainstorming begin :)
  2. I like posts like this! Let's get brainstorming!
    I think it would be cool to have a 120x120 parkour residence, in answer to that question.
    As for events, I just like things that are creative and yet give everyone an equal chance. The GrabFest was pretty good in my opinion, and I wish I could've been at the ICC B-day event, which sounds like a perfect example. EDIT: Wait, you said contests. Hmmm... I really like thinks like Death's story contest which challenge creativity, but I'd also think it would be interesting to have some more voting contests as well as some funny contests like a "shear the most sheep" event.
    As for the forums, I kinda agree with Alice. It would be nice to to have some art/player spotlights every so often.
    Anyhow, I'll try to think up more ideas! Thanks for doing this!
    EDIT 2: Oh, and I supposed to say first or something? :p
  3. Thanks for this Krys, I think you already know all of my opinions
  4. A Contest for Best Outpost might be a nice idea...
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  5. Can you post them here for easy reference for the staff team?
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  6. Ideas on how to judge? Qualifications? Who votes?
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  7. It would be judged off Safeness,Beautification,and Safety.
    Qualifications would be:
    2 Members or more
    And I think it would be a entry by players,and then players would nominate which Outposts would go into the Final 3 Outposts,which would then be voted to decide which was the "Best Outpost".
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  8. -What do you want to see on the Empire? I wish for you to bring back those giant Death Events ICC always held. They were very fun to everybody! We need the Enraged Mobs, I think that they will keep us satisfied until Dragon Tombs Arrives.
    -What do you want to see on the Forums? Forum Mods would be nice. Those people that keep the forum nice and organized and take some of the load off the mods backs.
    -What contests do you want to see hosted? Promotional Items are cool but, I think the community would like to see events in which you earn the cool promotional items. (Much like ROBLOX's Egg Hunts)
    -What buildings do you want on 120 x 120 residences? Not pyramids.
    -What else did I not mention? What our favorite brand of toast is.
  9. -What do you want to see on the Empire?
    I think that Dragon Tombs is going to be a great feature. We have recently seen Aikar working on the difficulty settings and I really cannot wait for this to be introduced. We have seen a lot of advertising and new players coming in, the tutorial, but I think many of the current members are eager for Dragon Tombs. I understand that Aikar is working his very hardest, and props to the rest of the development team for working on the Empire so efficiently :)

    -What do you want to see on the Forums?
    Forums have been pretty decent from what I see. I am eager to see the new features hatorijr is coming up with, and I would also like to see a more arty section that others have mentioned!

    -What contests do you want to see hosted?
    Contests are very good for EMC, I think current members and new members alike enjoy them. Seeing some voting competitions has been great, and some other forum giveaways, but I think in-game events that are different to Mob Arena should be held. I suggest possibly trying out another Nether Spleef, or maybe even something new! EMC Games has brought some of these to life, and I am very happy that it has done that.

    -What buildings do you want on 120 x 120 residences?
    My idea of a nice building would be a calm cabin, fairly sized but not too big, with paths going from it all around the residence. I really like for there to be some trees, waterfalls, grass and flowers placed all around for the eye to see, maybe even some fountains and ponds. Perhaps a small lake by the cabin to fish! The SMP2 Park is quite a good representative of this. Obviously, this may not be the best idea for a whole 120x120 plot, but I am a big fan of things like that :)

    -What else did I not mention?
    I think it has been covered - Seeing some minor improvements to the forums sounds good, and I am eager for the Dragon Tombs. It will be an interesting challenge! Thanks for reading, and I hope I was of some help :p
  10. Featured art: A little box somewhere on the main page or something, where every week or month a piece or a few pieces of art is chosen, I mean, it doesn't have to be art, it could be a story or short piece of writing. Or instead of a small box on the main page, it could be like Aikar's "Misc Updates [date]" threads, posted weekly or monthly. If I was a new artist, someone who has never seen this server before and I saw "Featured Art" on the main page I would be suitably happy enough to join the server and share my art.

    Art Competitions again?: I didn't actually join in time for when the Wallpaper Contests were around, but I have heard of them and read up on them. But wow... Why did we stop these? o.o Really, I'd be interested in knowing! Must I say more?
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  11. *Watches Thread*
    This is great! to get everyones ideas out onto one thread :D
  12. I just had another idea. A while ago it was mentioned that all mobs would become Enraged. I don't know how difficult to be, but I feel that some sort of Enraged Spider would be nice to tide us over until D-Tombs. I know that on hard difficulty spiders can spawn with potion effects, so what if this spider was able to transmit random potion effects to you by biting you? Things like slowness, weakness, blindness, nausea, and poison. Sort of like a Zombie Virus, but without the resistance.
  13. -What do you want to see on the Empire? I would like to see more public arenas such as parkour, racing, etc. Also more events utilizing the PVP arena
    -What do you want to see on the Forums? For the forums, I would really want another form of communication other than PMs such as instant messaging or chat boxes. Possibly a shout box, but chat boxes for private chatting first.
    -What contests do you want to see hosted? Possibly a fashion show with skin designers, or some sort of skin contest.
    -What buildings do you want on 120 x 120 residences? Like I said in the first question, more public arenas that do not have to be hosted or monitored by the staff.
    -What else did I not mention? I think you covered it all without getting too specific.
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  14. Personally I would love to see Spleef combined with Firefloor, or spleef played on the firefloor arena. That, as well as all the EMC Games maps spread out onto 120x120 residences throughout EMC for open access :)
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  15. This. I'm not good at pvp, but I still enjoy pvp events. And I've noticed that pvp events (along with netherspleef and somewhat creature capture) are extremely rare on EMC. I would definitely like to see more of that! :)
  16. I would like more contests like EMC games, that was a very new twist. Fire floor is not played very much,there is weekly mobarena but fire floor is less than once a month.
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  17. Labor Day Sheers Unbreakable Fortune 3 :)
    As well as an Empire store you can sell to, like the Main Empire Shop.
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  18. *cringes*
    Like last year's Egg Hunt... Not this years...
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  19. Firefloor is normally my weekly thing on sunday. However, EMC Games put this on hold. Will be back inbetween EMC Games weekends and after the Closing Ceremony :)
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  20. This along with this
    but also, official pvp events would be cool. Maybe not necessarily for prizes, because anybody with a turkey slicer and 60 k armor is over powered
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