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    There have been several threads on this in the past but nothing recent. I would like to put together an updated list of the promos and the approximate price that they are going for. Below is a list I found posted by FirstJugBurgerz; I figure we can start here. Two things...
    1. Post promos that you do not see on the list
    2. State what you think is the fair market value on anyone on the list or to be added to the list.

    I will keep updating the main thread list based on input from everyone.

    And the list is as follows:

    Mob Drops
    Shiny Items (Flesh and Arrow): 10 rupees each
    Haunted Candy (5 types, received through Haunted Head): ~25 rupees per piece (depending on type)
    Marlix Gear (4 pieces total): 35k per piece (Entire set goes around 175k)
    Momentus Toothpick: 25k
    Momentus Helm: 45k
    Dragon Stone Fragment: 1k
    Dragon Stone: 15k
    Taste of Freedom Steak: 2500 rupees per piece
    Cooked Turkey: 500r each
    Blizzard Nose, Arm, Eye: 15k
    Annual Avalauncher: 10k
    Dated Avalauncher. 150k+

    In-Game Redeemables
    Stable Voucher: 6k (you can obtain these by voting for EMC too here along with other items listed here)
    Vault Voucher: 11k (you can obtain these by voting for EMC too here along with other items listed here)
    Treasure Voucher: 100k
    Iron Supporter Voucher: 90k
    Gold Supporter Voucher: 175k
    Diamond Supporter Voucher: 350k

    Max Residence Voucher: 2,200,000 Rupees+
    Derelict Voucher: 2,000,000 Rupees
    EggNog Voucher: 4,000,000 Rupees+
    Voters Block (Varies on type): 600k+
    Dirt Destroying Tick Tock: 60k (Can be purchased at /shop)
    Block of Clickyness (Iron): 150k+
    Block of Clickyness (Gold): 250k+
    Block of Clickyness (Diamond): 350k+

    Traditional MC Rarities
    Dragon Egg: 5,000,000 Rupees+ (if you can find someone to sell it)
    Beacons: 13-20k (Prices fluctuate)

    EMC Promotion/Special Event Items
    2012 EMC Ann. Firework: 90k
    2012 New Years Firework 90k

    2013 EMC Firework: 40k (It is significantly more rare than the IDay)
    2013 IDay Firework: 30k
    2013 Labor Bench: 50k
    2013 Haunted Head (Hasn't dispensed Candy): 60k+ (stackable)
    2013 Haunted Head (Has dispensed Candy): 55k+
    2013 Turkey Slicer: 45k
    2013 EMC Anniversary Firework: 30k
    2013 Valentines Gift: 150k (???)

    2014 New Year's Firework: 30k
    2014 IDay Firework: 28k
    2014 EMC Firework: 28k
    2014 EMC Birthday Cake: 25k
    2014 Labor Bench: 35k+
    2014 Headless Horseman Mask: 45k
    2014 Turkey Slicer: 40k+
    2014 Holiday Candle: 25k
    2014 Remembrance Poppy: 15k
    2014 Freedom Blade: 105k

    2015 Labor Bench: 35k
    2015 EMC Firework: 25k
    2015 Headless Horseman Mask: 35k
    2015 EMC Birthday Cake: 15k+
    2015 EMC New Year's Firework: 25k
    2015 EMC 4th of July Firework: 25k
    2015 EMC Birthday Cake: 20k
    2015 Independence Day Firework: 25k
    2015 Turkey Slicer: 35k+
    2015 Holiday Candle: 25k
    2015 Valentines Rose: 1,200,000+ Rupees (if you can find someone to sell it)
    2015 Remembrance Poppy: 20k
    2015 Birthday Cookie: 40k+

    2016 Labor Bench: 20k
    2016 EMC Firework: 15k
    2016 EMC Birthday Cake: 15k
    2016 Headless Horseman Mask: 30k
    2016 Headless Horseman Axe: 45k+
    2016 EMC New Year's Firework: 25k
    2016 EMC 4th of July Firework: 25k
    2016 Turkey Slicer: 30k+
    2016 Holiday Candle: 18k
    2016 Remembrance Poppy: 15k
    2016 Birthday Cookie: 100k

    2014 Freedom Blade: 105k+
    Chicken Skewer: 25k
    Liberty Sword: 25k
    Candy Cane Sword: 25k
    Flaming Mob Launcher: 1,000,000 Rupees (if you can find someone to sell it)

    Used Promo Horse Incitatus: 425k
    Used Promo Horse Saltar: 450k
    Used Promo Horse Valens: 455k
    Used Promo Horse Rudolph: 175k
    Used Promo Horse Dasher: 45k
    Used Promo Horse Dancer: 55k
    Used Promo Horse Prancer: 30k

    Unspawned Promo Horse Incitatus: 500k
    Unspawned Promo Horse Saltar: 900k+
    Unspawned Promo Horse Valens: 900k+
    Unspawned Promo Horse Rudolph: 275k
    Unspawned Promo Horse Dasher: 50k
    Unspawned Promo Horse Dancer: 65k
    Unspawned Promo Horse Prancer: 25k

    Netherhound Egg: 125k
    Enraged Zombie: 15k
    Enraged Guardian: 15k

    Cupid Arrows (1 Stack): 2.5k
    Cupid Spawn Egg (Unused): 30k+ (stackable)
    Cupid Spawn Egg (Used): 25k+
    Cupid Bow (Same lore as 2015 Bow): 20k
    Cupid Chest Bundle: 60k+ (now)
    Love Potion #9: 130k
    Pi Day Celebration Pie: 20k+
    Pot O' Gold: 16k
    Ore Buster: 375k
    Magical Eggcellant Wand: 15k
    Spooky Egg: 28k
    Aikar's Bday Book: 1,300,000 Rupees
    Tales of Eterna: 1,500,000 Rupees
    Valentine's Gift: 1,600,000 Rupees (version that has 'sell for 1000r' text)

    Ham Hacker: 50k
    Emergency Snow Clearing Device: 35k
    Meteor Bow: 15k
    Dragon Poop: 60k
    Super Dragon Poop: 65k
    Feast for a King: 8k

    60k Members Items (7 pieces total NOT including Ore Buster): ~900k+ per piece
    100k Member Items (7 pieces not including the Mineral Mincer)": 30k each piece
    Promo Instructions: 1,200,000 Rupees
    Holiday Pick: 250k
    Lucky Bow: 135k+
    ICC Skin: 5k
    ICC Flesh: 5k
    ICC Valentine's Day Head: 1,500,000 Rupees+
    Book of Colors: 450k+
    IDay Armor (4 pieces): 200k per piece
    Starter Gear: 3k per piece

    So many questions come in on how much a promo is worth... Let's see if we can't put a good solid list together. If y'all help me I can maintain this list and keep it up to date.

    Additional Forum "Promo Price" Links
    Sachrock's Price Check:
    Bloodra1n's Price Check:

    Staff Heads Forum Page
    LoneStarInc Post:

    Disclaimer: Please note that my affiliation with EMC as a staff member in no way implies the accuracy of the above list.

    I am keeping this thread up to date based on input from the community. I am crowd sourcing this list from the entire EMC community. Please feel to keep posting on this thread to help me keep it up to date as things change.
  2. Beacons are down to 10-13k
  3. Updated to 12k.
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  4. 60k member items are 800k+

    book of colors 200k+

    max head 65k+

    I-day armor 200k a piece

    holiday pick 250k

    lucky bow same price as above

    avalauncher 5k

    will edit more
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  5. I thought book of colors was like 1M?!
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  6. This is very handy since I'm really bad with promo prices! Now whenever I need to see the average price of a certain promo I can look here :)
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  7. Most likely, never bought one
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  8. Updated book of colors. If you see things missing from the list let me know too and your guess on the current price.
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  9. Max residence voucher 2mil
    momentus helmet 40k max.
    all other mob boss gear 20k

    else it looks pretty much good nice work.

    *if valentines rose was the thing won by 10 players in random, that's worth at least 1million
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  10. These are the prices I've bought each voucher:

    Iron Supporter Voucher: 85k
    Gold Supporter Voucher: 160k
    Diamond Supporter Voucher: 325k

    These are the prices I've sold each EMC Promo Horse
    Promo Horse Incitatus: 325k
    Promo Horse Saltar: 325k
    Promo Horse Valens: 350k

    I have seen beacons sold for 20k and not much less, so I don't really know about 11k-13k. Smp1 prices may be very up-charged though :p

    I know I've said this before, but I have always thought threads like these can either hurt or help people in promo market. It sometimes seems as if the prices are arbitrary set, and people will not sell above or lower the price listed, which does not count for the daily fluctuation of rupees but most importantly the supply and demand of the promo and the actual abilities of the promo.

    For example, when I sold my EMC Horse promos, I was expecting around 500k becuase of the usefulness of the promo and the rarity of it (I don't think anyone else was selling them at the time). Instead on one of these threads, the price of the horses was listed at 325k, so that's what I got. People who saw the thread were not willing to pay more. If I wanted to, I could say I sold the horse for 500k and when people look back at this thread, they would see 500k and sell the horse at that price.

    This is just my opinion after all. If it seems I misunderstand something, let me know because I was like to learn. That being said I hope this thread can establish a solid price for each promos, so I hope I can help with the prices listed above!
  11. I can understand that Equinox_Boss. This list is just meant as index of possible current market values and by should no means count as concrete prices. List is intended to quiet down the number of "Price Check" threads in the forums. I know the market changes and these prices should not be taken as a hard line on prices but a mere average price range of these items. The more input I get as of averages the more current I can keep the list. (aka.. Not every crate of eggs sells for over 2 million rupees)

    Edit: updated prices based on player input again.
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  12. Yeah, that makes sense! And yes, perhaps I shouldn't be complaining ;).
    Here are the prices of some other things I have seen.

    Dragon Stone Fragment: <1k
    Derelict Voucher: 3,000,000 Rupees
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  13. This list seems really off/outdated.

    Marlix gear and momentus' toothpick are about 15k-20k a piece.
    When I bought the blocks of clickyness, I think it was 250k for iron, 300k for gold, and 350k for diamond.
    Last time I saw someone wanting to buy a dragon egg, they offered around 6 mil and no one took them up on that offer. So, they're definitely worth more than 1 mil.
    Labor benches are about 20k for the current year and go up 5k - 10k each year you go back.
    An unused Rudolph currently goes for around 250k from what I've heard.
    Also, is the "Valentine's Rose" the Valentine's Gift or Rose Bouquet?
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  14. Got it and updated.
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  15. Prices updated from input. "Also, is the "Valentine's Rose" the Valentine's Gift or Rose Bouquet?" I don't know on this. I just list what people tell me are promos or have been on past promo lists.
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  16. I don't see the Love potion #9 on the list. I would think they are rare as only 300 were given out as per wiki lists. I can't help you on price as I got mine from a DP. I've heard 200 to 700k So that doesn't help. This list is extremely helpful and more input we get the more we can dial in on price variances. I sell my beacons for 15 to 16k. I have seen offers of 11.500r to the 13k. Those seemed as a special price tho as it was stated in game the seller said only while they last.
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  17. I've never seen the Love Potion #9 sell for more than 100k. There's no way it's 200k-700k. 300 isn't that rare.
  18. Updated.
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  19. I find it hard to price promos and special items anymore. People will often way over pay for something just to have it (or more of them), which in turn gives people a false worth. So then you either have to spend even more or you lose out.

    Also Promos are items on the Promotional Items list. Everything else is Special Event items, mobs drops, etc. :p
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  20. Nods. Just makin a list of the most asked about items. And you right... People will pay anything for a promo if they are wanting it for their collection and don't have it. Like I said above... Just tryin to make a list with approx prices.
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