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  1. I noticed a kind of disturbing trend where people are using minecraft to promote their religion. I understand that churches and cathedrals and such are so architecturally interesting that they have to be in the game. But when I see crosses being built in the wild for no reason, when I see players using names like "JesusPower2", it really hurts my gaming experience. I don't want someone else's religion rammed down my throat any more than I want to see Coca Cola ads built in the wild. I want to be able to play the game free from nutty preachy religious types getting in my face.

    I think there should be some kind of policy shutting down this kind of obnoxious behavior.
  2. We have policies in place and a name like that does not break them. EMC is tolerant to groups of different ethnicities, religions, sexualities, etc. Your gaming experience should not be affected by a simple name popping on screen.
  3. This is a very touchy topic.
    For some people, their religion is their lifestyle. I must agree, I do like cathedrals and other religious-type structures. They are the house to where many people worship their god(s), and therefore are more elaborate in real life.
    I do not believe that they are attempting to "ram their religion down your throat." Since the EMC sites, servers, and forums are based in the US, I think that everything that happens here (except for illegal things- i.e. cyber bullying) falls under the freedom of speech. For these reasons, I do not believe that EMC would not be allowed to shut down that type of behavior.
    Also, I MYSELF use crosses in the wild. However, I do not use them to promote my religion. I use them as a means of making POIs, such as my house, and bases so I do not get lost. There is no way that you would be able to get rid of these "nutty religious types" because whatever they build is essentially freedom of speech. Perhaps some people do that type of stuff to show how much they love their God, and there is nothing that you can do to stop them, without causing a cyberwar.
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  4. Things not to be discussed publicly because it's going to start a flame war: Politics, Religion
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  5. EMC is a private entity. As long as you don't break the rules, then everything is fine. However, 'freedom of speech' is not why we allow it.
  6. Live and let live dude. I don't think building a cross is shoving it down your throat. Here or irl, it's just a part of life. Let's talk about funny dog pictures instead.
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  7. It probably wouldn't be under Freedom of Speech, but Religious Freedom.

    Side note; Freedom of Speech doesn't mean you can insult people, you can only be nice with it (y)
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  8. Names are allowed it would be rude to not allow them would you like it if usernames with bizz are not allowed for so on reasons?
  9. I have heard religion in pokemon but minecraft you have to build it and make a society. It is too much work and an offence to some players on here on EMC :/
  10. First of all I don't understand how this would hurt your gaming experience. The only reason you react to those builds is because you know what it stands for, or so you assume. You basically assume that people build that to "spread the word" but how can you be sure of that?

    For all I know people simply wanted to build something which they think looks cool, which makes them feel good and well.. because they like building that stuff.

    So here's the problem: who are we to tell them that they can't build these kinds of structures? Only because we assume that they build it to draw our attention to it? Or because we assume that they have intentions other than "look what I build!"?

    Benefit of the doubt works both ways here in my opinion.

    Don't like that build? Walk away from it and ignore the area in the future, don't like someone's nick? /ignore the person and be done with it.

    I'm not religious myself, but even I can't quite understand what could be so obnoxious about all this?

    I can understand, and respect, that you don't like religion. To some degree I can even sympathize with it. But tolerance and respect are big issues in the Empire. You may not like these builds but there are others who do.

    Live and let live. I really don't see how this could hurt anyone...
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  11. This is... bad?

    We do not need discriminating activities going on. No need to come down on people of specific religions, or any religion for that matter. We have a player here called "Bible". Would you confront them about their name, or comment nasty things about their religion? I assume you are either do not have spirituality, or you are, you just don't like it when other people do it.

    Freedom of Religion. Dude, everyone has it. What if I had made my name "BibleReader123", or "PraiseTheLord251"? Would you dislike me because of that?

    Either way, I see no reason at all for you to get angry at the community for what they believe. If everyone criticized, what kind of crazy world would we live in? A horrible, hate filled one. (Now, that's not to say that Earth is already hate-filled, but you know what I mean.)

    How is this obnoxious? And, why should there be a policy? To block out religion? Wait -- You mean, religious discrimination? That is like having a server that is white/black only.

    Has anyone confronted you, saying things like "Hey, you have to pay attention to my religion," or, "Why aren't you a Christian, Muslim, or Practicing Jew?" I don't think so. Or, how about, "Hey! Eat this Christianity, bro!"

    Also, is your gameplay really that serious that it gets "hurt" when you see those names, or that it needs to be a "disturbing trend"? And, really, "Nutty preachy religious types"? Please, I bet they've heard worse, but we don't need name calling, no matter how petty it may be.

  12. I am a christian but I don't get disturbed If a persons name on minecraft was say athiest or muhammad. This is a American server and in America we have freedom of religion not freedom from religion. People who say we need freedom from religion are the oppisite of what they say they are. They arn't just trying to make it so everything is fair and people arn't offended. They try to ban christianity in the name of equality. He used words like rammed down my throat when we arn't ramming anything down his throat. You say we are forcing our religion on you. You are trying to deny us our RIGHTS as Americans!!!! If you believe what you are saying you are anti-american so why are you on a American server in the first place.
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  13. Listen it is just a player name he isn't trying to shove no religion on any one so just deal with it.
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  14. Ok, I'm hearing a lot of arguments along the lines of freedom and tolerance. Ok fine. But it cuts both ways. I will take this as permission to build as many Golden Buddhas as I please.

  15. lol you already could have built as many golden buddhas as you wanted. And just so you know there never was a rule saying you could not build them. So you don't need permission.
    Anyway have fun building.
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  16. Does my name hurt ur gaming experience lol and I've never once heard jp talk about religion on emc lol
  17. ok Im a Christian, and first Id like to say I love you as a parent and a child and respect your view. But I mean really? A players name is "Shoving it down your throat"? I mean thats just pushing it too far. Again I love you as a brother even though we have different views, and yes I do respect your views as I am told in my belief system, but don't start a revolution over a players name. But thats just my two cents.

    EDIT: JP has never spoken anything religiously on EMC, so it shouldn't be that bad :p.

    EDIT 2: yes, you can build anything religious just don't go around in chat saying "Allah is (religious king)" or "Buddha is (religious king)" as it offends other players and it will root up drama.
  18. I don't think this is a very good mindset. If some things aren't publicly discussed, especially politics and religion, people are not informed or enlightened
  19. I really hate to be the guy to say this, but if someone wants there name to be something religious then so be it. Thats theyre personal name. And i can honestly say i have NEVER have anyone "ram" anything down my throat on EMC. and i belive you havnt either. People on EMC have much respect and i like to think they know better.
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