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Which chicken sound do you prefer?

cluck 4 vote(s) 11.8%
cock-a-doodle-do 9 vote(s) 26.5%
bah-gawk 7 vote(s) 20.6%
cha-caw 2 vote(s) 5.9%
bawk-bawk 4 vote(s) 11.8%
puk-puk--pukaaak 8 vote(s) 23.5%
  1. Not really an introduction, but I thought the section appropriate. I do not know if I have ever done one of these, but I am trying it!

    Quick background intro, then an explanation on what I have been doing recently, then will open up an Ask Me Anything*.

    My username is chickeneer, I have been on the server for 2681 days - since January 2012. I have never really taken a break from EMC, but life has consumed lots of time since then. When I joined I was still in High School, and I have since completed a BS and MS in Mathematics. My career is a HS math teacher (and now on summer break). I live in Kansas, I will not be more specific than this - not in a metro area - in other words "middle of nowhere".
    Enough IRL stuff. I have been a member of the staff team since September 2012 when I was made mod - although it seems some people missed that memo... Senior Staff since May 2014, and added developer roles on that summer.
    I am not really the creative type to build elaborate creations. I am still around EMC for the community and things. My biggest role in the community now, is on the development side of things (more on that later).

    So, since I am a school teacher we are now on summer break. I do not plan on taking on a summer job - so EMC will be given a lot of attention. During the school year I am generally pretty busy, so I do not get a lot done during that time. Truth be told, we have actually been on summer break for 2 weeks. I needed some time to unwind and do 'nothing'. My nothing included watching tv and video games. Notably I 100% beat Super Mario Odyssey and a couple days ago beat LoZ Breath of the Wild. Yes, those are relatively old games now, but I do not give myself much time to play games. I could easily 'waste' my summer away on more games and what-not. But I decided June was my start date for productiveness.
    Regarding EMC development. I do not have a 1.14 ETA, we will skip over 1.13 though. I am putting significant effort in now. :) I have some other projects that I have started on as well. Likely to be released alongside 1.14.

    You may ask anything (within the bounds of the rules), but it is my discretion how I answer them. Forewarning, that I don't really do favorites - but you can try anyway. If you just want my thoughts on something, that sounds fun also. Just avoiding topics that are controversial or require a conversation.

    Oh. And if you respond, I will put you in a drawing for a prize or something. No cost, or anything - will figure out the details later.
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  2. What is your favorite feature of 1.14? :D
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  3. Congrats on mod chickeneer! oh wait nevermind! :rolleyes:

    Do any of your students play EMC/Do they know your a MC Dev?
  4. erhm. tbh, know less about 1.14. But from the 1.13 aspect - I am looking forward to the tridents. 1.14 - maybe pandas.

    None play EMC. Sevear know I do MC stuff though. I have heavy doubt any have played the java edition - mostly pocket edition.
  5. Hey Chicken! :D Great to see something from you again, I've always liked your presence. :) Am I right in remembering that you had an iron shop years ago, and had something to do with the EMC pool too? :D What do you like to do in your spare time (what is spare time? :p)? What is an/are some EMC features that you've made/worked on that you are especially proud of? :)
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  6. Hmmm, can you answer this for my homework?
    ((((6^2 * 10) + sqrt((5000*3) - 600)) / 4! ) * 4 ) - log(1 * 10^11)
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  7. Hello! :D
    What is your weirdest habit/hobby? What is your favourite/preferred/most used block? (I'm a curious builder :p) What has been a favourite Minecraft update of yours?
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  8. Yes on the iron shop - still have quite a bit of that in storage.
    EMC is my long touted free time consumer. I do tech work for our local community theater also. That is fun.
    Features... I claim responsibility for the interfaces that we have on the server (Vault/Res Perms/Trade). The Trade one, I think is the most unique, and take pride in. Only wish we could chat alongside it.

    Well assuming you intend log with a base of ten. Wolfram Alpha says 69. But somehow I suspect this was not from homework... And if so, you should do your own ;)
  9. What qualities would be needed for a developer? ( I ask because i would love to help and willing to learn )
    How has your experiences as staff been compared to a regular member of EMC?
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  10. Weirdest habit... Hmm, I resent the idea that anything I do is "weird". I know my students would argue otherwise. An annoying thing I do, is insist on precision of the words I use. This results in awkward stumbling through speaking - and relatively long time to write things (but I really do enjoy it).

    Favorite block - Iron. I guess. I don't have any real favorites on the aesthetic look of any of the blocks.

    Favorite update... I don't have one, but I have a special history with the 1.4 update. I made a little post each week when they would release a new snapshot. Link to thread. Frankly, I don't want to read through that thread - as I fear it will be too cringy for me to handle right now. Fun fact, this was before the modern launcher - so you had to download the jar files and drop them into .minecraft to play them. Hence the weird links on that thread.
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  11. Boop
    What made you come up with your name?
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  12. Patience and perseverance are the two qualities that come to mind.

    Patience. Meaning when you run into a road-block issue, you have to be able to keep calm and think rationally through the problem. There is probably a famous quote out there about doing things right the first time will take less time than having to redo it many times after sloppy work.

    Perseverance. I enjoy programming tasks because it challenges my mind. To tackle the hard problems I have to work hard at them when there are no quick solutions. Having a passion about your work helps you move forward.

    Theoretically, anyone can learn 'how' to program. But some people get discouraged by the obstacles to get there (learning). My general advise to you (and others) - is that you find an online site to start learning coding. After learning the fundamentals, you can branch off and you can learn most any programming language. The MC server is in Java, but that may not be a good starting location for someone with no prior experience.
    The possibility of getting the community more involved with EMC development is certainly enticing - and something we think about with regards to the future of the community.

    Full disclosure to everyone. That to be a member of the dev team there are a few requirements including age, location, and the general staff criteria. Also not necessarily taking on brand new developers at this time - Aikar is the gateway to decisions on the matter though - so don't take my word as law.
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  13. Heya chickeneer how is things? :p

    My questions are following...

    1. What is the coolest thing about 1.14 you have seen?

    2. Do you enjoy mining or developing?

    3. What is the square root of 2575?

    and finally...

    4. What do you hope to see change in EMC in the future?
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  14. It was a name I designed a long time ago. In 2003, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the NFL Superbowl. Around that time, I had a thing for chickens (I don't remember why). So I combined these two things when I created my first email for a fantasy football league. Thus creating chickeneer.
    No, I am not, nor ever have been a Buccaneers fan - just was a random connection I made. Chiefs fan btw.
  15. 1. Sadly, I know less about 1.14 than I care to admit (soon to change - have the 1.13 half of the update done though). So a quick glance, I would say the coolest thing could be all of the new ways to craft/create things. I think they may overcomplicate things a bit - but it pushes the game forward to something new.

    2. Developing, kinda want to do some mining though.

    3. Well. It is irrational... But here ya go...

    4. Some people may fear a grim outlook of the general future of Minecraft, but I look forward to how we transform the community in a post-Minecraft world. Hytale maybe? Not anytime soon. But is something to think about.
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  16. Why did the Chickeneer cross the road?
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  17. What is the one thing no one irl or on EMC would guess is true of you?
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  18. What is your favorite genre of math? What attributes do you like from students when teaching(aka how to be a better student :rolleyes:)?
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  19. Interesting question...

    My answer... "Yes"

    Seems to be an overly strict criteria... The question, as given, I cannot think of an answer that qualifies.
    No one person (other than myself) knows everything about me. So there is that - but I think grouping what everyone, everywhere knows about me - I don't have many secrets. Or at least things that couldn't be guessed.
    Thus, I will interpret this as to tell you something that nobody I talk to, knows.

    A couple weeks ago, I went to the local police station to turn in a lost wallet. This wallet, by my estimates was lost around 1972. The owner of said wallet was a teenager at the time, and it contained lots of personal information including a pilot's license, social security card, etc. Hence me turning it into the police station. Oh, and I found it in the lost and found of an old movie theater that has not been open in several decades.
    I just haven't gotten around to telling anyone about this yet. Not a deep-dark secret about me.
  20. I really enjoyed Analysis when I was working on my Masters. For those that do not know what that is - Wikipedia Link. Simple terms, one use is to explain how calculus works. Broadly speaking, it encompasses a much more general concept.

    What attributes... hmm. Cooperation is number one. If a student is actively disengaging, it is only wasting both of our energy. Would be easier to just go along with things, I don't set unreal expectations in my classroom.
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