Chest Of Money??

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  1. So i had this idea if i put valuable things in a chest and ppl can veiw it! called a Chest Of Money since there so valuable! i currently have mine up at 6123 smp3 and i encourage you to make a Chest Of Money for yourself!! thanks for reading ;)
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  2. Why don't you encourage us to make our own chests of money? Many people use the view to show off items. I will check it out though and see how cool yours is.
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  3. im trying to encourage people lol
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  4. Lol. Might want to remove the "don't" from your post then :)
  5. Isn't this called...
    *take all promos*
    *put inside a chest*
    *put preview sign on top of chest*
    *wait for others to click sign*
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  6. Noo... There are other valuable items... *Takes out stack of beacons*

    No, I never had a stack of beacons lol

    Just leave that to Qwerty189.
  7. lol xD
  8. chest of money could bcome a chest of jealousy :confused:

    i only show my friends some of my stuff b/c of that.
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  9. Hm... perhaps I'll once try building a house out of diamond blocks I got from voting for two accounts :p
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  10. Well, a chest can be nice I suppose but what I personally like better are the promo walls some people have put up. Now, I don't really have a thing with promo's myself, but I do think its cool to look at the (sometimes) massive amount of history which people managed to collect over the years.

    EDIT: And sometimes it can quite surprise you!

    True story: I was over at a friends place and he also showed me his promo wall, then asking me "Which do you think is the most valuable?". I failed miserably at identifying the whole thing of course, as it turned out he had won the rosebush in a competition some time ago (valentine day picture thread). And only 6 people (iirc) across the entire Empire had won that.
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  11. Oh, that reminds me... I was one of the two original owners of the voter's block... and then it disappeared. The other owner, Nick, was banned, so both original voter's blocks are probably lost. Except if somebody stole it, of course.
    That's still a big mystery for me, as I have absolutely no idea what happened to it, as I looked in every ender chest, every vault, every chest... nothing.
  12. Loaned to a museum? Given to an alt you then forgot about?
  13. Nope, most definitely not. I don't know, I can't remember anyone having container flag back then... well, soulbound didn't exist yet, so I may have accidentally dropped it in town, and have it just despawn.
  14. lol RIP
  15. I went to the res and saw this, this is already in EMC, just you called it something different [

    Sign Code = Preview
    Allows players to see but not take the contents of your chest. It is a read only view of the chest.
    This may only be used by residence owners or those with +admin. under preview section ]. So in conclusion to everything Ive typed already, as @SteamingFire has said, all it really is, is a chest w/ a sign that says on the 1st row [ PREVIEW ]

    Screenshot to prove so:

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  16. You can ask a senior staff member to replace it for you. :)
  17. Wow, really? I'll message someone!
  18. so its still a cool idea :p
  19. Hmm... You encourage us to make money chests? I like it, let me give it a try!
    *Two minutes later*
    I have succeeded in making a poverty chest, which was the best I can do. You, sir, are a cruel, wealthy man. :p

    Ten. ;)
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