Cannot Compute :(

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  1. Thank god for multiple monitors.
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  2. //calc is part of WorldEdit. I never knew how much I used //calc till it was gone! +1
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  3. This, I usually just put a calculator tab onto my second monitor whenever I /really/ need to see the thing on my screen.

    For those that don't have a second monitor, you could just as easily use macro software to set a basically useless button to open your calculator, like "page up" or "home".
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  4. I now use my phone, now that //calc doesn't work. I already always have it near me, it has a nice big screen and touch, and I can just leave it on my desk, so there's more space for other crap on my 4 monitors lol
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  5. Can't say that's a bad idea either - though my desk has the keyboard underneath the surface of the desk where my phone would be so I'd have to retract my arms and raise them to pick up my phone in order to get to the calculator, and that's just inefficient ;)
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  6. Ah fair enough, yeah my desk is just one wooden thingy, instead of your two wooden (or whatever) thinys ;)
  7. I used this every day for math on a build or quickly finding the price for a DC of something. Now I have to reach to my left and grab my phone. So much more work. I have to make my hands leave my keyboard!
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  8. this was re-enabled last night
  9. Thanks! <3
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  10. That makes life way better again... thank you very much :)
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  11. FYI it was not intentionally removed. The 1.9 WorldEdit build must of changed default permissions.

    I actually was not even aware of this command until everyone started complaining about it heh
  12. Well thanks for reactivating it, never knew we had access to it until day before 1.9 hit. Glad I can use it now! :D
  13. Home and page up are not useless, you just got to get used to using them :p
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  14. Awesome, thanks for enabling this! Now I can finally do //calc 1+1 again (I keep forgetting it's 2 and not 10) :D
  15. I generally find that it's easier to just scroll with your mouse and use left-side shortcuts to replace those two buttons since moving your left hand or taking your right hand off of your mouse doesn't make any sense if you can do the same thing without the extra inconvenience of reaching for the out of the way button.
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  16. I think mrsocks did it aikar. I do remember a post detailing it and it was quite some time ago. Dont quote me on that
  17. socks doesn't have the ability to change permissions like that :p but that's provided by worldedit (hince the // command format and worldedit.calc perm node)