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  1. So I had gotten very used to using the //calc command, but now it's been disabled. :(

    For those who don't know what this is, it's basically an in-game calculator. You could type something like:
    //calc 64 * 9
    And get the answer back. In this case, 576.

    Now I get "You are not permitted to do that. Are you in the right mode?"

    And I have to pause the game and open up the Windows calculator every time I want to do a calculation instead.

    This was a really handy and helpful feature that I used almost every day on 1.8!

    Was there a particular reason for this, or just an accident?
  2. I'm also seeing this with other people. This is just a calculator command and I think it should be free to use. Maybe it's just a bug but this must be fixed so it's avalible to all
  3. Probably an accident and an easy fix. Hopefully this gets fixed, didn't know this was a thing until the day before we hit 1.9 lol.
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  4. Figured this suggestion could use a small bump. And a +1 of course, at first sight this seems to be a mere permission issue. Who knows ;)
  5. Hmmm. Looks down at three dollar caclculator... looks up at calculator app open in the back ground... "ring ring" closes calculator app on phone to answer it.

    Yeah I'm lost without this command lol. I don't know what happened to it but pressing alt+tab seemed like less effort than //calc
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  6. There's a calculator command?

    Great, now I can make Aikar's code do my math homework for me.
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  7. Alt + tab opens whatever it feels like usually. So for me that's probably a browser. Alt + tab + tab + tab + tab will probably open the calculator, but maybe Alt + tab + tab + tab, or Alt + tab + tab + tab + tab + tab + tab + tab. It all depends on the order of what I've been using. That's assuming I have one open, which I often don't. In my opinion it would be much better to WinKey, C A, Enter. Well assuming you have a newer Windows operating system. That has a nearly 100% chance of opening the calculator within 10 seconds, assuming you don't have any other applications that begin with C A, then you have to enter more letters :p.

    However, //calc still has the following advantages:
    1) No load time.
    2) Minecraft stays open. Can keep watching the chat and respond faster to the game and it wont block out the prices you may be trying to read.
    3) No control keys. (ie Alt, Shift, Esc, etc...)
    4) Can be used on any computer or client exactly the same.
    5) Can push the up arrow to get and modify old equations. This can be super handy in a lot of cases.

    Edit: The above key sequence actually opens a new calculator window each time. So unfortunately I can't find a way to reliably switch to the calculator window or open a new one if none is open with a given keystroke set. :(

    In any case, this was about the EMC feature, not really about this side tangent. :p And unless there's a reason for the calculator to remain disabled I would appreciate being able to use it hopefully sometime before I entirely lose the habit.
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  8. It really makes no sense that it was disabled. It would really help to know why if there was a good reason for it, though.

    I've gotten into the habit of typing F11 (which toggles full screen in Minecraft) and playing in another window that way. That way I can watch the chat while playing in my browser or using a calculator app. :p

    I hope it was just a mistake and they fix it soon. It would really come in handy. I can't believe I never knew about it.
  9. I don't play Minecraft in fullscreen mode because I do a lot of stuff on my computer, so opening the Windows calculator ism't inconvenient for me (I have a calculator button on my keyboard) due to the fact that I don't have to get out of fullscreen mode.

    HOWEVER, I use the command //calc just for fun sometimes, and the error message that pops up can be annoying... +1 - I'm in favor of fixing what seems to be a mistake. :)
  10. +1 fix this!
  11. +1 I'm using this calculater quite often, to calculate the prices of promos, the profit I'd make if I'd buy something (and so if I want to buy something) etc.
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  12. I think I remember Aikar mentioning this before... not sure, though. After an update, it might've become harder to give people access to one of the // commands but deny access to all the others.
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  13. I need calc before it send me to the correct one :p

    Indeed, this was a really useful feature that I used all the time, and it has already happened more than a few times since 1.9 that I've needed it, but haven't been able to use it.
  14. I never knew it existed... I might use it, if it's there, but most likely I'll just stick to my iPhone's calculator that's just a single swipe away.
  15. But do keep in mind that this may be out of Aikars hands. Although most of EMC is custom coded they still use several regular plugins. And I'm pretty convinced that this feature was part of one of those. So if the plugin authors somewhat changed their permission scheme then there might be little which Aikar can do.

    Even so; I'm keeping my fingers crossed :)
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  16. Pretty sure //calc is part of MCedit which is why we cannot use it atm (could be wrong and look like a complete idiot rn...). Only say this because its the only plugin I have used that has // commands (i.e. //cut //drain). Could be wrong though... Just wait for Aikar or chicken to swoop in and correct me :rolleyes:
  17. Huh? Isn't MCEdit an external program, not a plugin?
  18. I believe it can be used as both. I used to be an admin on a server in my previous life and MCedit was one of the plugins we used. However, that was back in like... beta 1.8 so... a while back.
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  19. I think Stew could be referring to WorldEdit, but as far as I know that doesn't have a calc command.
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  20. //calc <expression> - Type in a mathematical equation into //calc and it will show the answer in chat.

    I got this from a website by googling "world edit calc". I would link to source but I think it is a reference site for another server's world edit tutorial.

    And yes, I meant world edit... When I don't have that morning coffee I am a derp. Luckily, I just made said coffee so I am good to go.
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