[Cancelled Until Further Notice] Mob Arena

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  1. Due to many complaints about how we've ran Mob Arena, Davie and I have agreed we will cancel the event until further notice. I know many of you will be disappointed as you really liked the event, and looked forward to it, but the event is meant to be fun for everyone involved, with a little competitive edge.

    We've seen many winners get begged for items, and undergo harassment. Our Staff team gets hassled - told to start early, or do things a certain way.. This is NOT what Mob Arena is about.

    After some time has passed we may reopen the Arena, but we're not quite sure what are plans are regarding it yet.
  2. Awe :( Ugh why do people have to complain and ruin it for everyone
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  3. Unfortunately not everyone is as mature as expected. :/

    On a side note, I completely understand Max and Davie, and even though I'm hoping I had nothing to do with this, my apologies on behalf of everyone else. :)
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  4. Ya True, i seen ALOT of complaining today and it was very annoying to watch. haha
  5. It may be little kids or people who are disrespectful and act like little kids, but the staff is trying to make it the best for everyone and I understand that even though I am disappointed too.
  6. Maybe disable chat in mob arena?
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  7. Good Idea Goof.
  8. Somehow I knew this would happen eventually :(
    It was this type of stuff that drew me away from the MA each time, it just became a bore.
    My advice to Max and Davie, hold out until the completion of this
    It will seem to fix some of the issues that some have with it,
    IF we still deserve it :(
  9. Darn!!!! At least I won the last one. A lot of people were begging me. People need to understand mob arena is a privilege not a right. Thanks for the fun times though!!
  10. Good. Its pretty sad to see it go for now, but its even worse to hear that those who make it possible for it to happen (the staff who yet again give up their time for us, outside of their voluntary staff position) get harassed about it. An event like this shouldn't leave a bad taste in the mouths of those provide it to us.
  11. I feel like this has to do with me leaving in the final 2 to get pizza ;-;

    I am officially sad now, I left the final mob arena (as far as we know them at least) in order to have dinner.....
  12. If this has anything to do with me getting angry with how the mob arena has won or anything of that sort after the mob arena was run today I apologize.
  13. Due to my unique arena I held last week was taken so well, and I told a few people I would do a couple more. I will (at a non-scheduled at this time, time) hold my event at least one more time sometime this month. Though, Maxarias/Davie will decide on their own when they want to hold theirs again.

    Note if ANYONE gives any complaints, rushes, harasses staff or winners during my event, will be banned from the mob arena residence and won't be able to participate in my or other future events that may be held there.
  14. Don't feel like you were a big contributor to this. Sure, you got frustrated, I would too. But you couldn't control the people nagged because of what happened to you. You did the right thing and disconnected before any line was crossed on your part, but the people who were whining/nagging at Max should feel ashamed at showing such low levels of maturity.
  15. That's very considerate, thank you.

    I've noticed begging has been occurring more and more. That one day I had won the Mob Arena, I was begged to death, I was probably sent about 20 private chat messages by different players asking me for there stuff back, or to give them some of the loot, when their really isn't any loot anyways. I've also noticed that most players are impatient and have not understood that the Mob Arena is a privilege, it can easily be shut down, like it is now. I think it's good that you did this, it's like a group punishment in school, where some kids do something bad in class, and the entire class gets punished. Hopefully they'll realize that the moderators/admins don't have to do any of this, and they should also realize that this is a group event, it's not centered around you. Be considerate and wait, be patient, and don't be rude to other players, and don't beg. It's very annoying.
  16. This doesn't directly affect me, as I don't usually take part in the event. However I realize how attached to it others were and had tons of fun there so it's kinda sad that because some people act immature nobody gets to play, those who harassed the winners and creators should feel ashamed :(
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  17. D: i was gonna record the mob arena :( now thats ruined
  18. Let me say something right here and now:
    I thought the mob arena was not fun for me.
    Did I go to every single mob arena? No, I have only been to around 3 in the total time I have been on EMC. What I did, is just not go to most of the events, because I really don't see fun with the staff trying to kill us all, when we could do that ourselves (AKA PvP) It's what I personally think about the mob arena currently.
    Am I sad that is canceled till further notice? Yes, because if people want to complain, they could have easily messaged Max and Davie, with ideas on how to make it more fun for everyone, instead of going to the mobarena, just to complain.

    This is all just what I think about it... ;/
  19. Beggars gonna beg....
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