{Buying} Promo's & Rares & Heads!

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  1. Hey EMC,

    For my Museum, I am working on a 6 res project, I am building a temp museum for now as my builder Computrix is offline for school work, but for the mean time I have a building there, The Build spans across 6 reses, and will involve.

    Official Museum Thread: Coming Soon!
    Buying/Looking for Heads: Here

    I am Looking to Buy and or get the items on Loan.

    Mob Drop's
    Event Item's
    Starter Gear
    Contest and Award Item's
    Original Dragon Egg/Crystal!

    Please PM me on the site or in-game about any of the items.

    All Donators and Loaners to the Museum get Access to the reses and are free to explore around before i open the doors.
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  2. I can sell you the cupid.
  3. How much?
  4. could you do 25k?
  5. I can do 27,000.
  6. I am sorry, but i just bought one from another player for 20k. Sorry,
  7. I may be able to loan the following:
    • Holiday Message
    • Promo Instructions
    • Community Defender (with accompanying book)
    • Aikar's Head (Which one are you looking for? The drop party one? If so then I have a spare I think)
    My question to you:
    • Do people who loan items get a sign or mention where the item is as to who has loaned it?
    My rules if I decide to loan the items:

    • I can take the items back at any time I wish
    Thanks :D
  8. All players can choose to get a signed book clarifing they own it. They also will be able to take the item(s) back when ever they wish. If i am unable to get online, you are free to ask SS or Admin to come on the res and remove the item, and put the signed book in the spot in witch the item was placed in. The items will be displayed and only on display at 12004 (Main res of the Museum witch expands across a total of 6 reses). I will make a Contract once you confirm if you want one for each item or one for all the items. Once i make the Contract, i would mail you the contact and you are free to send the items at any time from that point.

    Of Course you can as stated above.

    I am looking for the Lore Aikar heads as i already have the normal head that is dropped upon death.
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  9. How much would you buy the iron voucher?
  10. Updated List,
  11. Bump

    Offer an offer for any item.

    If you don't want to sell, you can always Loan an item to the Museum.

    The museum can be seen from /spawn and walk north, (You can't miss it).
  12. Let's see. I have an Aikar BDay Head, and an Iron Voucher. If you're on now we could negotiate! I have a current offer on the Aikar Head which you'll have to beat though :/ I'd prefer if we didn't negotiate on here though.
  13. I might be able to get you an iron voucher and incitatus...
  14. I already called the voucher :I
  15. How much are you looking for for the voucher. Can't do a reply on you posts lol. And how much do u think the Aikar Bday head is hawk?
  16. Paid you for that Iron Voucher, :)
  17. I'm sorry, what Iron Voucher? :confused:
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  18. The Iron voucher you mentioned on mumble last time we spoke :p
  19. I did? I don't remember an Iron Voucher... Have I already given you it or something? :p
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