[Buying] Looking for the Following staff heads!

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  1. Hey EMC,

    I am Looking for all of the Following Player Heads for my Museum on smp6. I am looking to buy or get the heads on Loan. The build is 6 reses, and can be found on smp6.

    Official Museum Thread: Coming Soon!
    Buying/Looking for Promo's & Rares: Here

    If you have any of these heads and willing to sell/give, Please PM me.

    I am also looking for loans of these heads...

    Thank you,
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  2. Just trying to take all my sales eh?

    I have an extra Maxarias head with the fire text thing saying "muahaha fire" or something like that on it.

    Id be willing to sell, PM me.
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  3. u mean a Maxarian head?
  4. Yeah.
  5. i already have several of those, looking for normal heads.
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  6. Max has never released her head.
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  7. Matheus sells his for 100k. I can confirm.
  8. updated list.
  9. Sent you one of my heads. Make sure you don't look too hard for some of those retired staff members, as many of them left the game before the EMC Survival Update (along with player heads) was released on. :)
  10. I'll send you a free one of mine next time I'm online on this account. :)
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  11. I had your head once :eek:
    Not sure where it is now though..
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  12. Thanks, :)
  13. I see I'm moving up in the world! (lol.. jk) Congrats and thank you Finch_rocks for being the first person to ask for my head, there is now exactly 1 in circulation aside from those myself, my alt, or Alain1087 hold ( to the best of my knowledge). Good luck on your hunt, and Alain's head is on it's way to your mailbox soon.

    [edit: as of 6/1/15 there are probably a ton of my playerheads out there now thanks to many pvp loses]
  14. Oh, I just realized there was a bounty on my head! :eek:

    Good luck. I will be very impressed if anyone can uncover one.
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  15. Hmm, looks like we have to kill a penguin. :rolleyes:
  16. Shouldn't be too hard. I'll grab a pile of raw fish (as bait, of course), and you go get a Turkey Slicer. I'm pretty sure that penguins are basically arctic turkeys in tuxedos, so that should work. :)
  17. Alright, make sure you use a nice breed of fish to attract it more. Maybe some salmon?

    Lets kill it tomorrow at sunrise.
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  18. *cough*
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  19. I've already made a nice salad of salmon and natural with a sprinkling of clownfish. I even put some ice in there to make it feel like the kind of thing he'd eat in his natural habitat! However, if the Turkey Slicer doesn't work, I also brought a couple of pufferfish that we can slip in there to maybe knock him unconscious. :D See you at sunrise! :)

    I bet Penguin is really running now. :p
  20. Why am I crossed off ?