[Bug Team] Iron Farm Users - Are your farms working?

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  1. Recently, Aikar accidently broke iron farms during an update. In the last deploy, he supposedly fixed their behavior - although the Bug Team seem to have noticed a few differences with spawning before the update, and spawning after.

    So we're calling out to all iron farm users (the type that use iron golems/villagers) to check their iron farms starting now - and report any issues that you can see with them.

    Are your farms working?

    Even if they are, are you noticing any differences from before they were broken (think back a couple of days)? Are less/more golems spawning?

    Thanks for your help guys.
  2. im not sure about ob1bob69's iron farm, but i will make sure to tell him to check :)
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  3. Aikar, now "accidentally" ruining the economy.

  4. (I Just had to, As I don't like the idea of Iron farms :p)
  5. Personally, Iron Farms is kind of Legit, because its not cheating or hacking and its using the games creation and creativity to get iron easily. To me, Iron Farms are useful.
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  6. Although its in 'vanilla' I don't really see it as a very 'legit' thing.
  7. I don't believe this is a thread about whether or not iron farms are legit or not.

    dirkjan told me he isn't getting as much iron as usual lately so yes i believe they are still screwed up.
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  8. Mine was working earlier to day, now it will not spawn any golems at all :(
  9. I was having major issues with golems not spawing, but now that seems to be working.
    However villagers seem to be capped at 90 in the wild, so I loose villager eggs if I try to spawn one when there are more than 90 in my /entc, but I do not get any warning text. Thanks for helping.
  10. No golems at my farm. :(

    EDIT: Whelp. Just checked the spawning cells and all of my villagers are gone. I feel stupid now. Also confused.
  11. /entcount
  12. 140/250
    A: 45
    M: 95
  13. Neither do I. I'm completely against them. They used to be banned. They still should be. All afk farms should be banned in my opinion.q
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  14. This thread isn't about banning or not banning iron farms, it's about if they're currently working. If you have nothing relevant to say then please don't post.
  15. I just tested my iron farm, and it's working fine. I can't really say if it's different from before, since I haven't used it in a long time.
  16. Instead of spawning in the right places, my iron golems are spawning inside the villager rooms.
  17. Update from me. Today mine has worked but was slow then really slow then normal pace and now back to not working. Ben out hear all day mostly at the Iron farm.
    Six cell farm
    Animals:140 - Monsters:13

    Just went onto a different smp with a single cell farm and its working.:confused:
  18. Checked mine and it spawning no golems at all.
  19. Bug fixed regarding iron golems not spawning with an enctcount of 1 http://track.empire.us/issue/EMC-83

    Don't think that it has much to do with this problem, but a heads up if anything.
  20. So we apparently have another issue affecting specific servers... the changes made that impacted it was fixed, but utopia and smp1 seem to be having problems..

    I even removed Entity limiter from utopia temporarily - and it was still not working right it seemed, so thats not the issue.

    Potentially a CB bug... but SMP8 is working fine so having to still investigate.
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