[BOOK EVENT] Share Your Scares!

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  1. Books Now Available!

    So this is something new I thought of, so I apologize in advance if things don't run exactly as planned...
    That being said, here's how I envision things working.

    Participants will write a scary story in a Minecraft book (meaning using a book and quill). Then, you will sign your book and submit it at the designated area. Deadline: Oct 24th. Starting on the 25th of October and using /promo, we will distribute the books all over the Empire to those that want to read them.

    When you type /promo, it will bring up a screen like this, and you'll select which book you want to claim, based on author, title, being random, etc. You'll only get one, so you'll have to choose carefully, or SHARE with others to read all the submissions:

    So what do you do to participate?
    Write a book (or 20) and submit it to the chests at /v 3006 on smp2.

    All books will be screened prior to release to ensure that they meet the following guidelines:
    -is appropriate for all on EMC (no curse words, etc)
    -sticks to theme of scary story

    Let's share some scares!

    Remember to SHARE your book of choice with others so that everyone can read as many as possible. These are NOT promo items and are only being made available with the promo system to ease distribution.

    Books Available through /promo scare:
    Spooky Story - ItsMeWolffpack
    Shia LeBeouf - SkyDragonv8
    SCARY STORY - BountyCole
    The Hotel - Pixel_Cat23
    The Face - batroach
    Haunted Manor - SkeleTin007
    Eyes in Corner - ThePerfectAsian
    Cold Storm Winds - khixan
    The Kill - BlooNaNa
    The Raven-EA Poe - Torian42
    AxeMurderHollow - Girneciallumi
    No Release - Kephras
    School Bully - iCrazyEvestar
    The Chatfields - Miss_Peevle
    Werewolf Attack - Torian42
    Volcano Chicken - Carconductor
    Casu Marlix - autumnrain26
    The Apartment - Scarmanzer
    The Happy Man - batroach
    red cape girl - zoltaroy
    Grumpy Cat - Pixel_Cat23
    Monsters are Real - Torian42
    Bad Creepypasta - Average Walrus
    Don’t go into the Orchard - SwordLord
    Steel - batroach
    The Latte - Hashhog
    smp8... - tuqueque
    Scary Story - MisterPiggy4647
    The Camping Trip - SunnyStorm7
    The - ww2fan168
    Share My Scare - SageCREEPER
    This Is The End! - AussieZaid
  2. First? I can't write...
    EDIT: wow :eek: I did it mom!
  3. This is an interesting event... If I get some time then I'll think about it but we'll see :p Is this the main event for next month or will there be another? Just thought that I'd check! :)
  4. This sounds awesome.

    Alright, too scary. Sorry.
  6. I would cry
  7. ... if only I did spooky. :confused:
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  8. I shall submit a book...

    Edit: Ah! But then my signature will be given out to all who collect it through the use of /promo! (Of course, that only stands if mine is picked.) Whatever.
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  9. I love this idea, need to get my spooky thinking cap on and a story written! >:3
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  10. Krysyy, THiIS IDEA IS HORRIBLE!!1! JK I think this is a fantastic idea and good for you for coming up with it. I think it's a good way to help people meet each other and a cool event.
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  11. Looks like my own question just got answered, saw the Halloween contest also :p
  12. Hmm, this is something I might actually participate in. Sure seems to be up my alley so to speak :)
  13. I'm gonna have to disagree here, considering that I've seen your chat on 8.

    Oh yeah, obligatory 3spooky5me
  14. My story doesn't really have any curse words at all, but is gore allowed?
  15. If it's a scary story, then I think gore will be fine. The people reading these are warned they could be scary.
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  16. I shall give my literature skills a try!
  17. Awesome idea! I have a few scary stories in mind all ready.
  18. Kephras, get over here. This is your time to shine.
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