Aug 12, 2013 - Voting & Survival Tweaks

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  1. On Monday we made a few tweaks to elements of the Survival update, in order to bring it more aligned to the challenge levels we expected from it and to reduce usage of elements to get things easier than intended, but also an improvement to Marlix overall!

    Survival Tweaks:
    • Momentus' Guardians no longer spawn unless player is within draw in range
    • Nerfed Sniping Momentus
      Momentus will draw you in if attacked from far distances
    • Nerfed "Super Sniping" Marlix
      Marlix will draw you in if attacked from too far away that he himself won't attack you back
    • Lengthened the duration on SOME negative effects for Zombie Virus
      While having the improved defense, you will deal less damage and move slower.
    And for good news:
    • Improved Marlix spawn rate
    • Reduced Marlix respawn rate
    • Improved all of Marlix's drop rates
    • Removed the 1.6 feature of difficulty scaling by how long a player has been in the chunk.
      Momentus damage should be back to 1.5 levels, and difficulty will be consistent across all of the Empire

      This vanilla feature was very poorly thought of for SMP usage and hurts long term maps on SMP like the Empire, so we have completely removed that factor.
    In addition to the Survival updates:
    • IMPORTANT! Voting for EMC now counts for resetting the derelict timer! You can simply vote for EMC to keep your alts residence safe.
    • Voting information has been added to /p
    • Horse name tags have been made to not always show to remove confusion thinking its players.
      Tamed horses will show name on hover, and untamed will not.
    • Eggifying a horse no longer requires removing inventory, it will auto clear it like /horse release in town does.
    • Momentus will no longer draw in if you are in protected areas
    • Deathtomb should no longer be able to crash SMP9.... [see this]
    • Golems should be properly blocked in town
  2. Wow, just a moment ago I was thinking about if golems could spawn in Town. Well, here is the answer.

    (btw first!)
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  3. What's a Guardian? :p
  4. The enraged skeleton/zombies they spawn, we call them Guardians :)
  5. Oh, alright!

    So, if you are sniping a Momentus from a far away place, it will draw you in? So now it's going to be melee..
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  6. At first I was like Yes! Iron trench in town, but it says made sure they cant :(
  7. Wow! First time I see a news thread just as it is posted! I already was thinking about the difficulty becoming harder since 1.6, cause it's pretty obvious that it causes problems on servers, where the worlds exist for really long, but there are still new players.
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  8. Thank you!! :D That was sooo annoying. xD
  9. Can you nerf Moumentus, he killed me when I had full protection 4 and protection 3 boots in one hit

    EDIT: 10th and FIRST PAGE xD
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  10. this is all very useful info and i like it :)
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  11. Thanks EMC Staff for making EMC a even better server
  12. hear hear, the staff are awesome.
  13. That is what this update addressed, 1.6 chunk based difficulty scaling made him hit harder than we intended. It should now be back to 1.5 levels.

    you should be able to BARELY survive a hit from momentus without armor.. (so very likely to still die w/o armor due to spawns)
  14. deathtomb will still find a way to crash smp9, just have faith!
  15. 2 questions sir.
    1. So are Golems going to be in town now?
    2. If you see a momentous or Marlix And do not try to attack it will it just go away And not try to suck you in?
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  16. YAY!!!
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  17. So, if you ate an enchanted apple. and had full protection IV armour, how much damage would you take? Because I finally fought a Momentus, took me three days time, and lost 2 sets of Protection IV armor..
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  18. that Awesome
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  19. how to kill momentus now lol
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