Auction Survey Results and Rule Changes

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  1. im happy with these changes
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  2. Glad to finally see some changes in the auction system! That period right after the initial change was a very chaotic one, but I think it was worth it in the end
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  3. Just curious... not sure if anyone else noticed that an option was missing on the graphs...

    "Count of How often should we allow in-game advertisements for forum auctions in market chat (Until possible new advertisement chat)?"

    Surely I wasn't the only one who voted for 2 hours with this question. I'm sure there is a reasonable explanation for why 2 hours is missing from this graph but... just seems fishy
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  4. Your 2 hours was rounded up to 3 hours because it was not extremely different from the given choices available. You are the only person who wrote in 2 hours.
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  5. Then don't read them....

    You can use an ad blocker to hide the status box.

    It's not really an issue if it does get treated as a status box, not really hurting anything.
    But size does nothing to encourage that anyways. We have discord where people chat with each other.
  6. I cannot find what I filled in - I beleve this basically all is how I suggested - I'm really happy to see it's this way :)
  7. Why isn't this logic used when it comes to bumping auctions? The only people that don't want to see auctions are people that don't use the auctions. The only reason there is ever a bunch of auctions in the recent threads is because there is nothing worth looking at going on in the emc forums. It seems counter productive to slow the economy as the forum activity decreases. If anything I would think trying to get other threads more active would be the obvious conclusion instead of slowing the auctions to a crawl with the rest of the forums.
  8. The logic doesn't apply the same to the rest of the forums. The community voted on what they want to see. There ARE players who are bothered by the incessant bumps we used to allow, so we've taken measures to make them happy, while also keeping the bumpers happy. It's called a compromise.
  9. That would fix part of the problem, but of course not nearly all of it, as other people would still be able to see it as it is now.
    I guess you mean the bottom 5 rows of it. Yes, perhaps.
    I assume you meant to say 'shoutbox' instead of 'status box'. Yes, it is an issue. It hurts individual profiles. Someone might not have deleted the status in question before someone else checking out their profile or even just clicking on their name or profile picture, and that could easily confuse that person.
    And size certainly does encourage that. 1. If you can look further back in the status box, there's a much higher change someone will see a message that they can reply to. 2. If there are more statuses shown, it looks more like a shoutbox which will make people more likely to abuse it as one. 3. Statuses who are abusing the box as a shoutbox will take longer before they leave the box, which will make the bad example seen by more people, and have more potential to spread.

    It's not the end of EMC, guys, don't worry, I know. ;) But it is indeed an issue, as I argued here.
  10. Nice ! I really like that we are able to bump once in a while. I crazily disliked it when my auction finished for MUCH to cheap while I was not allowed to bump nor AD anywhere at all.
    Thx !
  11. I now understand your reasoning, Krysyy, but I still think 12 hours is a bit excessive. With 24 hours a day, I think this option is no more than once a day. For people like me, I would rather not have to bother to get up in the morning and again in the night just to bump my auction. i am on the 6 hour committee because I just can't do that with my schedule and time slots. I wish you would have put a little more consideration into the irl problems of the players.

    I would totally be with the 12 hours committee, but a lot of people are like me and have school and jobs and can only do it once a day. Oh, if only the days were longer..

    Another point to add, why did you pick 12 hours and higher? You actually could have picked any and then boom that was your reasoning.
    3-12 hours: 56.3%
    24 hours and above: 44.6%
    Do you have any other reasons as to why you picked 12 hours? I'd like to see your point of view in this too.
  12. With everyone so split, we went with what was in the middle. There is data that shows auctions are not truly affected by the presence of bumps. Therefore, this was a compromise for those players that feel bumps are important, regardless of data saying otherwise. We are doing our best to address both sides of the coin with this middle of the road option.
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  13. I hope everyone can just get on with their lives now... these auction changes were the biggest drama bomb ive ever seen on this server
  14. Le sigh
    not even in the top ten.
  15. I really like these changes, thank you. :) Also thank you for changing the Waffle to auctionable!
  16. That makes it very evident you haven't been here for a while. :p
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  17. I'm going on a year out of EMC's 7 so yeah, i missed out on a lot of drama
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  18. Thanks for keeping the bumps though, that got rid of a lot of drama.
    And thanks again for addressing both sides. I think you did good so far.
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  19. To confirm (or deny :p): it is still disallowed to put a link to a running auction in your signature, right?
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