Auction Survey Results and Rule Changes

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  1. 607, why exactly is it that you find yourself invested in that? You seem bored, you should try playing minecraft

  2. I'm kind of interested in this too. Funny story, when the rules first changed this rule of not being able to have a link to active auctions in your signature wasn't actually stated. It wasn't officially stated until I asked if it was against the rules, cause I too was looking for an alternative method for getting the auction word out.
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  3. I'm never bored. I'm 'invested in that' because I used to put the image in my signature, and now don't anymore, but if I could, would like to reintroduce the tradition.
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  4. Signatures are meant to be the freest of expression areas on the forums. Who is 607 without his pot of gold image, it looks weird without it.

    I enjoy what you all think is noteworthy enough to be seen and signatures are seen everywhere you've posted.
  5. Just replaying as you have been one of the biggest enemies of the no bump change.
    Your auction [link] had been bumped three times without rising the auction bids.
    Maybe it doesn't matter at all ;)

    Also I would like to point out, that each bump of another auction brings your own thread down again. So if everyone bumps your own thread is again where it has originally been.
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  6. your right i'm screwed lol
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  7. that just sounds salty bro

    And participating in auctions is playing minecraft lol remember "play your way" ;)
  8. he doesn't participate in the auctions or play minecraft lol. That is why I was wandering why he wanted to know.
  9. Why would my monthly Pot of Gold auction not be considered as participation?
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  10. Nice changes. I like how the players in this community are willing to challenge authority when they see something wrong.
  11. Yup, and how 'authority' doesn't punish people for that. :)
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  12. I agree with both of you guys. I feel how we got together in the end to #betterEMC in a peaceful manner was great! Especially once we got time to relax from the irritation at the sudden announcement of the auction rules change.

    Well done Staff and Krysyy! :)
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  13. I didn't know you had these :eek:
    FadedMartian: "peaceful manner"
    Me: *hides pitchfork* "yup I totally agree with him" ;)
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  14. I wonder how difficult it would be to implement a tool for creating auctions, with drop down menus. This way, every auction would have the same format, and they would all follow the rules
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  15. This sounds like a fun thing for someone to program, as it wouldn't be very difficult, and might be helpful (but on using dropdown menus: there'd need to only be often-picked options in there, and then an 'Other' option with an entry field, or there would be way too many possibilities in each menu :p). However, only as a tool, not as a necessity. :)
  16. Thank you so much for this compromise, this is just about perfect. I may need to drag myself away from... college.. now to come auction some stuff ;)
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  17. Very good! Congratulations!
    I have no major objection regarding EMC rules and practices - I can support and recommend EMC without any major reservations / caveats.
    Now, what to wish for, what is the next step? :)
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  18. My question has not yet been answered. I understand that if it needs thought, Krysyy is not in a position to decide over it right now, but I will probably forget otherwise, so I am posting this now. :)
  19. Another question that I'm unclear on: is it 12 hours since the last bump, or 12 hours since the last bump or valid bid? I thought the first, but Tom thinks the latter.
    Edit: I realised I should check the Rules thread. It is in fact the second. Good to know. :) That makes bumps fairly useless, I feel like, but I guess that's good. :p
  20. If you have an icon on your signature that says something like "Current Auction," this has and will most likely always be allowed. However, if it says something like "Check out my auction for a dc of Eviltoade heads!," that is not allowed as it is blatant advertising which is the same as putting it in your status.
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