Auction Survey Results and Rule Changes

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  1. Survey Results
    • The EMC Community remains decidedly split between the options available for bumping forum auctions, as well as in-game advertisements.
    • There is a trending agreement of 72.9% to have 20 threads in the Recent Active Threads section.
    • Recent Status List is preferred to have 10 listed, with a very slight 58.3% majority.
    Rule Adjustments
    • Minimum auction bump time on forums: 12 hours
    • Minimum advertisement time for forum auctions to in-game chat: 12 hours
    • Number of Threads in Recently Active Threads List: 20
    • Number of Statuses in Recent Status List: 10
    In addition, the following changes to the Auction Rules:
    • Auctionable Items are now classified in 3 major categories.
      • Common Vanilla Items: Minimum of 9 stacks required, unstackable = Minimum of 9
        • Attainable, but not super spam.
      • Rare Vanilla Items: Auctionable in Any Quantity
        • Applicable items are listed in Auctionable Items list section to define clearly which items are rare and are not. Additional items added at staff's discretion. Pm Krysyy at if you think a certain item should be included.
      • EMC Custom Items: Auctionable in Any Quantity
        • Inclusion of Empire Waffle from Vote Bonus Items
        • Inclusion of Tutorial Starter Gear
        • Does NOT Include other Vote Bonus Items (still unauctionable)
    • Unauctionable items have more direct explanations as to why they are unauctionable.
    • Forum Auctions have a minimum auction end time of 1 hour.
      • With issues of validation for bids in very short auctions, this change is to prevent spam, as well as make it easier to monitor the auctions.
    • Items with lost durability are now auctionable. You just need to list all the info.
    • Reverse Auction Rules will follow the same limitations
    Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete our Auction Rule Survey. With no clear direction for responses, we decided to go with the middle response. I know that some of you will be upset still. However, I urge you to review the survey results and see that with so many players in all frames of mind with regards to this rule, we simply cannot make everyone happy. We do our best to find a middle ground and we thank you for sticking with us!

    All auctions posted before this post will remain under the old rules. Please be patient with us as we modify the associated wiki and forum pages.
  2. Really like the new changes. Impossible to please everyone but this is a nice mix of everything people wanted. :)
  3. Nice graphs :)
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  4. Uhhh sick... colors?
    Just kidding, uplike for simplicity and stuff!
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  5. "Minimum bump time on forums: 12 hours" Does this work with auctions to or is it still not allowed to bump auctions?
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  6. Auctions. Missed a word there.
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  7. Y

    Thank you!
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  8. As for someone who's never used the auction system, if I would just start - these rules would feel natural.
  9. Now THESE are better rules. Good job y'all!
  10. This... is... manageable? Ye -- something we can all agree on, finally :D
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  11. Of course, nothing is perfect, but I'm willing to say that this is pretty close to it. ;)

    Thanks for these changes - I'm more than content, in fact, very happy even. :)
  12. As much as my bucket auctions benefitted the community, I am glad too see you guys adjusted the rules again to be more what the community wants.

    Yall rock!
  13. Loving these new changes... thanks for working so hard to make things work, staff team!
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  14. A wonderful compromise to a new rule change. I love it! :)
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  15. according to the 2nd pie chart, the time inbetween auction advertisement should be 3 hours, right? not 12?
  16. I immediately have a question... :p

    Is the 9 stacks limit;

    "Common Vanilla Items: Minimum of 9 stacks required, unstackable = Minimum of 9",

    does that mean a general 9 stack minimum (e.g. 5 stacks stone and 5 stacks cobblestone = ok), or a 9 stack per item minimum (--> has to be 9 stacks of stone and 9 stacks of cobblestone to be ok)?

    And another question... :p How about mixing the "common vanilla items" with "rare vanilla items" and/or "EMC custom items"? :)


    I'd like to personally thank you infinitely for this:

    "Items with lost durability are now auctionable. You just need to list all the info."

    :) .... now to try to find a proper auction I can run that utilises this rule... :p
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  17. Looking at the data in a list may help you realize why we didn't go with this.

    3 hours: 29.2%
    6 hours: 15.6%
    12 hours: 11.5%
    24 hours: 22.9%
    Once per auction: 2.9%
    Never: 18.8%

    With so many players at each extreme, it's not just majority takes all with the result. You could look at the data in another way to see this.
    3 or 6 hours: 44.8%
    12 hours or more: 56.1%

    I hope this explains a little more about the reason we went with 12 hours for the second as well as the 1st.
  18. The actual page lists this out clearly with an example of wool. No mixing items to meet minimum here.
    However, you MAY host an auction with multiple items that meet their individual minimum quantities.
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  19. That does list it clearly indeed! :) (it actually has almost exactly the same sentence I came up with that should explain it clearly. :D) (I thought you were still editing that page, so I hadn't looked there yet)
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  20. i am soo frustrating why even take the poll if your not gonna better yourself with the data. the bump time needs to be 6 hrs. BECAUSE 6 HOURS WON THE SURVEY DUH