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  1. EDIT: Aikar no longer hosts an ARK server for EMC, but BurgerKnight is managing one. See end of thread for related.

    Hey everyone. I never really get a chance to play any game, but occasionally do when something really interests me.

    Right now the game ARK Survival hit that just for the sheer uniqueness of it.

    In this game, you're in a Dinosaur Survival world. You start off with barely any clothing, with absolutely nothing.
    And what has Minecraft taught us when you have nothing? Punch trees!

    So you must punch some trees, pick up some rocks, forage some berries, and create basic tools to then collect resources more efficiently, keeping yourself hydrated, fed, and even temperature stable!

    But one thing that's killing me is the lag on the official servers... So I'm going to spin up one on our Dev server since it has extra resources sitting around unused (but don't think this means you'll know how to get on the dev servers =P it's locked down and will be proxied from the front-end web server)

    EMC Members Only

    So who has the game or looking to buy it now and want to play? It will be PVE Only - As PvP is really hardcore in this game as when you log out.... you are still in game and can be killed and looted.

    I don't have time to play this game hardcore with IRL + EMC... so i can't deal with that.

    I'll probably give the server a rate boost too, letting you level up and tame faster to play a bit more casually, and I'll keep it up as long as I don't need the resources on the dev server, but this won't be a "forever" thing.
  2. I saw this on Steam and it looks okay, it kind of looks like a mix of Minecraft, Rust, DayZ and Jurassic Park? If that makes any sense :p I don't have it and I'm not sure it's my kind of thing really but I'll follow the thread and see how this turns out :)
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  3. Sounds interesting! I'll be sure to buy it eventually and join up. :)
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  4. I have watched quite a few YouTubers play this, and it looks incredibly fun. Unfortunately, my money is headed towards overpriced books, so I cannot get the game. :(
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  5. Sounds like Minecraft on steroids with dinosaurs here and there. I will definitely look into though, I tend to like free roaming PvEs. :p
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  6. I cannot wait to play when I get home from vacation tomorrow, hopeful assumptions that it's up by then =P
    (Taking a quick me-break from family right now =P)
  7. Sounds interesting! I'll check it out ;)
  8. I'll be playing for sure I've played it on a local server looking to play with some people.
  9. I should have bought it in the Summer Sale :/
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  10. Or the week before the summer sale !

    I'll be on around 830 server checking it out.
  11. I'm going to check this out later too, this is cool!
  12. I'm interested in this.
  13. Oh wow, that came unexpected. I definitely won't be playing this, it's way to violent/bloody for me. Interesting, though!
  14. This is found in game?
  15. I'd buy Ark if it wasn't so expensive, wasn't in early access (they never get finished), and if the developers fixed optimisation issues. It looks fun (as fun as survival games can be these days >.>) and, y'know, dinosaurs and stuff.

    My money right now is going to Arkham Knight, a OnePlus One/OnePlus Two (depends on pricing :p), and a computer and monitor. I might throw some at Ark if it ever goes below £10 (it's currently £19, and the developers will probably ramp that up eventually...), which I don't think will be any time soon. My PayPal and bank funds are reserved right now :p

    I might buy Mesozoica if it ever gets released. I've been looking for an 'updated' Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis for a long time now. It currently looks like it's been *unsurprisingly* cancelled.
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  16. I just bought 2. One for me one for brad we'll be on the server soon.
  17. Ok change of plans. It appears the map I've been playing isnt the same as my server since my server is on a newer version.... so i guess its 'learn new terrain' in general for me so lets go with South 2 spawn since they are close together and won't require long walking to get back to base.

    There's sooo many more dinosaurs than Official Server too...

    Ill be off for a bit to take nephew home, so give me a bit before settling down anywhere please, and I'll invite people to tribe.
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