Anyone Legendary Member?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Musashii_, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. Ello Guys

    Im just wondering if anyone is a legendary member, It would pretty good to get that, gotta say. So if you know anyone thats a legendary member, feel free to comment ^>^

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  2. I believe the most we have is Elite Member right now, but correct me if I'm wrong, other forum nuts. :)
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  3. The first one should get a prize for getting there...
  4. legendary is like 10k likes and posts and 5 years on emc....
  5. Nope, I don't think anyone in the highest posting members list even got 5 years.
    FDNY will get five years for certain, and 50k likes too, but we'll still have to see if he manages to refer 100 people, because this time around when the new trophies got added, it wasn't the case that everyone got them by accident, like happened the previous time.
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  6. My 5 year is by november. Maybe I will get it?

    Edit: My 5th year is in November but I didn't register on the forums till April in the following year :/
  7. I passed 4 years in april, but being as I don't have many of the posts/likes trophies, I am lightyears away from legendary.. xD ...See, I don't even have elite yet.. xD
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  8. When I get 50,000 likes I'll get it, lol. So in a million years or so? :D

  9. i'm a legendary member for my fabulousness not my post count

    *goes and cries in a corner*
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  10. I am determined now... :cool:
    4.5 years
    8,393 posts

    Wait a second... so... bite's numbers are wrong? 50k likes? I will go cry in my corner now.
  11. I feel like this is contradicting your status, where you're saying you got over 1000 likes in one month :p
  12. lol, true. If I'd continue at this rate (let's say 1000 per month), it would take me 3 years and 10 months. :p
  13. yeah i was guesstimating.
    its a high number that i dont think even aikar has
  14. I feel like the requirements should be somewhat lowered so they're at least realistic. If anyone is going to reach 50,000 likes any time soon, it's probably going to be a staff member that posts news often because people like those to the end of the universe. And even that will take a very very long time.
  15. I think it will be cool to see a legendary member ;D
  16. I agree, like when you get that paper on vote bonus 100, like signed by Aikar saying Thank you same as Kryyssy. But its in a book
  17. I disagree. Why should you be able to hit it? I think somebody might get it once, and in that case, they are probably truly legendary. It's meant as a rank that you could always work towards, unlike Well-Known Member which everyone would get anyway.
    There's another rank between Elite and Legendary, anyway. (wasn't it Esteemed?)

    (also: why does my avatar appear as AmusedStew's to me...)
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  18. Why have an idol achievement that is impossible to obtain?

    If you're on the forums because you need something to work towards, IMO you probably shouldn't be on the forums lol. The ranks should be a ladder to climb, but the top shouldn't be so far away that there's no point in trying to reach it. Any regular member that isn't staff and posts normally would need to be on EMC with steady activity for nearly 30 years to get it..
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  19. I'll most likely be an "Esteemed member" by January 29, 2017. :)
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