Announcing the Empire Blog!

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  1. Hello everyone! Figured I would announce our latest addition to the website now that I believe it's at a good starting state... The Empire Blog!

    What is the Empire Blog?
    The Empire Blog is going to be a new "Minecraft Source", providing useful Tips & Tricks, summary of all Minecraft News, and showcasing Empire Minecraft features, plus more!

    It will not be "Required" to read, all Empire Specific Updates will still be posted on the forums (But then might also be posted to the blog), so you do not need to check it if you do not want.

    But we are aiming to make this be an overall Minecraft information source, something players will find useful, and reduce the need to go to other websites for news.

    Our Wiki Team members are also going to be Blog Contributors! Staff + Wiki Team will be writing fresh content on an ongoing basis now.

    If you want to help on the blog - then apply to join the Wiki team too!

    The wiki team is not like the Moderator queue - we will add people from it much quicker and not be as picky (But we still will likely do it in batches, so don't expect to hear back instantly)

    We are looking for quality, well written content (So that means you must be better than I with English skills =P), and hoping to have new content every day.

    We currently have the following categories prepared/thought of:
    • Empire Creations
    • Empire News
    • Minecraft Events
    • Minecraft Resources
    • Mojang News
    • Reviews
    • — Empire Minecraft Update Reviews
    • — Minecraft Feature Reviews
    • — Minecraft Mod Reviews
    • — Minecraft Snapshot Reviews
    • — Minecraft Update Reviews
    • — Resource Pack Reviews
    • Tips & Tricks
    • — Design Tips & Tricks
    • — Redstone Tips & Tricks
    • — Technical Tips & Tricks
    If you have any other good ideas for categories, please suggest them now!
  2. Nice!
    EDIT: Are you guys still looking for Wiki Contributers?
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  3. Hey look it a post that's more than one word xD
    Great job anyways :D
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  4. Sounds cool!
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  5. I suggest a page on how to install mods; sounds really cool though! Can't wait :)
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  6. Pure epicness!
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  7. Awesome! Can't wait to see it in action!
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  8. I like very much!
    If we want to apply to be an article-ist now, should we resubmit the wiki-team application?
    Also, I think more ought to go under the tips & tricks category, perhaps Survival or mob-fighting?
    I would like to see some Empire-specific guides: How to build mob farms on the Empire, how best to go mining, Enraged Mobs guide, and etc. that fortunately have been written or partly compiled by our members.
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  9. Hehe... this piques my interest...

    Suggestions for Blog itself:
    -Use a dark-gray theme to match the current Empire site. Not only will it help to reinforce that the Blog is part of the site as a whole, but it's honestly a bit easier on the eyes.
    -No complaints about the texture pack in that background screenshot, but my god the FOV... Please consider replacing it with something less likely to induce motion sickness.
  10. Should I reapply to be a wiki contributor if I want to help on the blog?
  11. I sort of want to make it be separate - this is intended to be for more than EMC, to attract new players too.
    Also, the next place they end up after finding the blog is likely to be the LP pages, which is what the blog is themed after.

    I also don't have the resources to try to match the sites style. This theme is responsive, where as our forums style is not.

    Never understood why people hate far out FOV =P how can everyone deal with not being able to see as much!
  12. No. Only if the form is reset, but ICC did mention to me redoing it to be blog parts too.

    but for now re-applying doesn't help.
  13. Thank you for the reply, Aikar :)
    -Fair enough. It seems a little stark and bland to me, but to each their own, it's not a deal-breaker or anything.
    -As I said in my post, motion sickness. It affects some people more than others (I'm one of the "more" category, unfortunately), but while it may translate well in playability in-game, for still images the fish-eye view is disorienting and very uncomfortable to look at.

    PS: If you get a moment, please answer my PM?

    EDIT: Emphasis on very. I literally cannot stay on that page for more than a couple minutes, certainly not enough to spend time on the articles. So much for my thoughts of contributing... >_<
  14. ATM The Contributers are going HAM on the wordpress publish button. Can it be that only a Contributers can post once a week?
  15. The publishing page.. thankfully.. is nice and has not background image to speak of.. just bland wordpress admin panels :3.. so.. another :3 for good measure

    actually, we are just getting some content out. In the future (probably tomorrow) there will never be more than one post a day.
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  16. seems legit...