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  1. Hey guys!

    We're officially looking for more contributors to our Empire Wiki. Our Empire Wiki is designed to act as an up to date guide on the history, features, events, and everything else that EMC has to offer. If you feel you would be up to helping our team keep this up to date, please fill out an application below.

    Note, that the same idea applies to this application as it does moderator applications. Please don't contact the staff about looking at your application, or why you may or may not have been asked. We'll ask the people we feel are right for the job as we need them.

    Thank you!

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  2. Do additions to other pages such as sections count as pages you would add?
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  3. Yes, although completely new pages are preferred.
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    We all know it's going to be asked. :p
  5. Just wondering do members of the wiki team get one of those names? :p lol
  6. We will give them a custom forum title. :)
  7. Just going to watch this thread and see what happens :p
  8. *fills out application*
    good luck to anyone who does :)
  9. Dear IcecreamCow, I sent you a little message in regards to some things via facebook. :)
    Best of luck to all appliers. =D
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  10. Welp. I was kidding but still cool :)
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  11. Cool beans! I am going to sign now.
  12. I am unable to apply.. :oops: ..The application doesn't like my username. But oh well, che sera, sera..
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  13. some reason the title doesnt like stads :(
  14. Are the wiki team considered staff?
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  15. I wouldn't think so.
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  16. In a way, yes. But they aren't :p
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  17. Hm. I like this, a lot really. :)
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  18. I only spotted one typo, but good luck everybody!
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  19. If anyone is STILL having problems with the form submitting, please PM me. It should be fixed... but who knows.
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