[AMA/Giveaway] 1000 Days and 1 Year as Mod! ^_^

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  1. So today marks one year as me being a member of the best staff team in the world, and coincidentally (I didn't realise this till earlier on today) 1000 days of me being a part of this fabulous community!

    Because I've never done one, I felt like there is no better time to do an AMA and a giveaway :3

    So here's how this is going to work :p If you ask a question, your name will go into the spoiler below, in a numbered list. I will then use a random number generator to pick out numbers from this list :) There is lots to be won, rupees/prizes can be seen below :)

    1) FDNY21
    2) Sachrock (Is an egg)
    3) crazyminerpete
    4) SFFL44
    5) AyanamiKun
    6) DWMom
    7) Jadziaa
    8) SealInAction
    9) Abele
    10) AmusedStew
    11) 607
    12) nltimv
    13) BenMA
    14) TomvanWijnen
    15) MoreMoople
    16) Allicanto
    17) Kippy159
    18) Francy0102
    19) WardleDeBoss
    20) NoahDMan (BQ2003)
    21) Vortixin
    22) madidiot21
    23) OmarWrongChat
    24) GeneralWillikers
    25) xcicigirlx
    26) Guill
    27) dunderscore
    28) NathanRP
    29) Zarembo1
    30) crafter31211
    31) Dufne
    32) PUB18
    33) poofasaurus
    34) _cTJ_
    35) PupInAction
    36) nuclearbobomb
    37) HawkIsABugle
    38) megmewX
    39) SkeleTin007
    40) ChickenDice
    41) ESSELEM
    42) Kytula
    43) dankmemesfam
    44) LtCaptainMe
    45) khixan
    46) Rundercaster
    47) Carbonyx
    48) MasterMockery
    49) luckycordel
    50) Rhythmically
    51) EquableHook
    52) Nighthawk3846
    53) Jelle68
    54) Raayn
    55) xHaro_Der
    56) Keliris
    57) ArchdukeMelon
    58) ShrinkingMatt
    59) Mob_Meal

    The latest you can ask questions/enter will be 23:59 on 07/08/16, and all winners will be announced on the 9th (Or the following days after, depending on Jet Lag :p )

    - Please do not use alt accounts, only ask your question with one account.
    - To be in for a chance of winning, you have to ask me a question!
    - Don't be silly and ask questions you know I can't answer (E.g - Staff things)

    Current Prizes:
    - 10 x 10k
    - 1 x Iron Supporter Voucher
    - 12 x Stable + Vault Voucher
    - 1 x Stack of Diamonds
    - 2 x Bonus Chest
    - 1 x 2014 Headless Horseman Mask
    - 1 x 2014 Labor Benc
    - 1 x 2014 IDay Firework
    - 1 x 16 Haunted Candy
    - 1 x Avalauncher
    - 1 x Pot of Gold
    - 1 x 64 Cupid Arrows
    - 1 x Unb III Cupid Bow
    - 4 x 32 Emerald Blocks (Kindly donated by OmarWrongChat)

    More prizes will be added with the more people that enter :D

    I look forward to answering your questions ^_^
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  2. Am I number one? Maybe I'll be number one in the people and numbers spoiler, too ;)
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  3. Congrats Egg! My question is why did you decide to apply for staff? :p
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  4. Congratulations on 1k days/1 year as a mod anon :)
    Question:If you could have either an Original Dragon Egg and no normal eggs, or all the normal dragon eggs on EMC which would you choose? :p
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  5. Well... you are post number two, but you're number 1 in the spoiler :p But yes, you are number 1, my darling <3

    Thanks ^_^ I decided to apply to become staff because I enjoyed (And still do enjoy) helping the community, I was always quick to answer questions in town chat and could handle 3/4 PMs at the same time and people were always saying "Hey nony, you should go get slimed" :3

    Thank you :) I'd choose an Original Dragon egg because then I'd have a collectable that Fendy doesn't have ;)
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  6. Congratz on 1000 days and 1 year my question is. How'd you discover EMC?
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  7. i hope u dont mind me posting, ill make sure to keep shelly away ^.^

    ur name is anonreturns: does it have any special meaning? returns... from what? :)
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  8. Ha, I know that one, I'm quite sure :p
    I'll let her answer it herself, though. ;)
  9. congratulations nony! why wont you give me your head? :p
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  10. Congrats on 1000 days and 1 year as Mod! :p

    Favorite thing about being Staff?
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  11. Thank you ^_^ I played single player for a little bit to get used to how to play/craft/etc. then a friend introduced me to EMC where I got to apply my basics to this fab server ^_^ Although.... I'm sure I was shamefully nooby >.<

    Well my old account (anonymouz710) became compromised and I lost access to it. So, when choosing a new name for this account, I asked for community input, and thanks to TDMR (Or EffinBatman as I still call him), I became AnonReturns :D

    Thanks :3 My head is the one thing within the EMC Marketplace that I can fully control :3 So far I have released 10 heads to close friends/family, whom all promised that they wouldn't give/sell/loan my head away :p Maybe one day I'll do a trade for yours, but we'll see :p

    Thank you :D My favourite thing about being a staff member is when players sincerely thank you/are polite after you help them out :) As a mod, I love helping the community in any way I can - but when a player is pleasant to work/communicate with, it's a lot nicer :)
  12. Congrats.
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  13. Happy 1000 Day and 1 year as a Mod! What is your favorite animal?
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  14. Congratz on 1k days on the EM of C and 1 year mod! :D

    My question: In a heated Fish pvp battle in EMC (Arenas), shouldn't the Pufferfish deal the most damage (via pointiness/poison)?
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  15. What games aside from Minecraft do you enjoy playing?

    Gratz on 1k days and 1yr mod :p
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  16. Hmm... this is a tough question :p At the moment I think Aardvarks are pretty cool (But that might just be because of the nose and the name!), but since I was little I've loved Elephants :)

    I think Pufferfish should be able to have thorns/similar enchantment because you're bound to be stabbed by them in a heated fish battle! :p

    Hmm... well I've never really strayed far on PC (Due to my not so high tech laptop) :p But on xbox 360 I'm a beast at Guitar Hero, but I also played my fair share of COD/Battlefield/Forza ^_^ But lets not forget about Pokemon! I grew up playing the game and absolutely love Pokemon Go (#TeamValor).
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  17. If this is too personal I'll think of another question :p
    What is a trait of Fendy that you don't always like?
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  18. If you were able to add one feature to EMC, what would that be?

    Congrats on 1 year of mod (and 1,000 days of course) :)
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  19. Congratz on 1000 days and being a staff member for a year.

    My question: Why do you choose to stay on EMC?
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  20. Congratulations on 1000 days, and the year of being green! :)

    Question: what is/are you favourite memory(s) on EMC? (if it's too personal, feel free to say something else, or so) :)
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