[ADMIN AUCTION] Residence 108 on smp1

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  1. Item: Residence 108
    Starting Bid: 1,000 rupees
    Minimum Bid Increment: 1,000 rupees
    Auction Ending Time: 72 hours after last valid bid

    A player was recently banned and owned a residence that is in high demand. Immediately following their removal from the Empire, the staff received numerous requests and claims of 'rightful' ownership to the residence. Due to their ban, they do not have any power over who inherits the residence, regardless of what some players may think. After deliberation, the decision was made to auction the residence and use the proceeds for the Community's benefit.

    Disclaimer: This Auction is being run by the Empire Admins.
    The proceeds resulting from it will be used in events/contests for the Empire Community. You must have the funds at the time of bidding. Making bids with funds that you do not have is disallowed on the Empire. Staff will check your balance if necessary. You must also be able to claim another residence or have plans to make yourself able to.
    Residences are usually not an allowed auction item, but an exception is being made for this admin operated auction. If you want to argue about the logistics of this auction, please pm krysyyjane9191 and do not post unless you are bidding.
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  2. IntelligentTaco AKA MrUnknownian
  3. How will this residence transfer be happening? Via the winner saying /claim or via techy stuff?
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  4. Woah guys, I only have like 2000 rn XD
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  5. Please try to keep posts to bids/questions on the auction.
    Anything further off-topic will be deleted.
  6. K srry :p
  7. In order to ensure valid transfer, it will be set through commands to the new owner.
  8. Told myself not to, but this chance may never happen again!
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  9. What is so special about this residence?
    Does it include everything inside it?
    I'm really confused.....
  10. It's right next to the smp1 spawn, and it's conpletly empty.
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  11. it is an smp1 spawn lot
    most likely not
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