Adding emojis to the forums: What do you want to see?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Krysyy, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. Intention would be to use some with the same styling as what we currently have in the set, for consistency. Will be resized as appropriate.
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  2. Okay, good!
    Don't forget about copyright, though. ;)
  3. There are packs available to xenforo users. And I can always custom create, if we need something that isn't in a pack yet.
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  4. huh, thought this thread was about emojis...not selfies... :p

    the one I use always on whatapp is the cheers with beers... but pbly not gonna be accepted :D

    but, what about Cake! for the birthday messages ...

    or fireworks
  5. why not show us the packs we can buy and vote on them and the one with the highest vote is purchased.. I don't know how many emoticons are in a pack but one could hope there are a bunch in them..
  6. We wouldn't be adding the whole pack because frankly there are a lot that are simply unnecessary.
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  7. Hi, can we have a duck emoji please? Thank you

  8. If you ever need to fill out a spot like was done with Aikar, use this one. :D (one's too small and one's too large so I'd have to make another one, but I know you wouldn't consider it anyway, as Piwi is not affiliated with Starlis :p)
  9. can we please get:
    • potato:
    • :alien:
    • :dog:
    thanks <3
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  10. yes please
  11. Minecraft dab is best dab, haha~

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  12. Heck ya
  13. I would like to see the devilish smiley.
    Birthday Cake.
    And even the Dab from above.
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  14. That would definitely be spammed all over the place. I love it. >:3

    (Unrelated to the thread but a fun fact nevertheless, in Luigi's Mansion 3, some of the dancing ghosts dab, multiple times.)
  15. I came here to suggest this also. :D

    But if you just put the :) upside down, the shadow and gleam are the wrong way around. :p
  16. can we please get an update on the ETA on the additional emojis :)
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  17. This is a secondary project that is more of a time killing task for when we are between holidays. So time wise, not priority. Right now, we have the end of holiday season, then the update as the focus.
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  18. can we get a

    | 👀 |
    \ /
    ____| |_____
    / ✊__/

    too lazy to fix him
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