Adding emojis to the forums: What do you want to see?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Krysyy, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. Hey everyone,

    As mentioned in a thread somewhere, I'm looking into adding some more emoji options to the menu of choices. So far the primary one I want to add is the <3 emoji.

    Other than that, what are some (appropriate) suggestions to add?
    I'll review and choose a subset to add once discussion stalls a bit.

    Thanks for your input,
  2. :facepalm:

    Any minecraft related ones.
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  3. Honestly. I quite like the way the emoji currently are: they are simple, and basically colour coded. I find it achieving its goal (of communicating emotions that don't go through text) better than, for example, the Unicode emoji, which simpely has far too many options.

    That having said. There are, as far as I know, two emoji people emulate with text that don't exist on EMC currently: the heart emoji (wihich you alredey suggested) and the "crying laughter" one. It might fit to add those two.

    Honestly: I would oppose any more than thease added. Maybe one or two others if someone comes up with something that really feels like it is missing, but otherwise: I like the current system.
  4. :gapingmouth/awed:




    :thumbs up:

    :shaking head side to side/no:

    :shaking head up and down/yes:

    :krysyy: (a krysyy head (like an Aikar head)

    :creeper: (creeper head)

    :zombie: (zombie head)

    ETC. Maybe add a few more common mobs.
    (...and yes...maybe a squid as well Burki...)
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  5. I'd probably add 6, just to keep the menu even.:p
  6. A :Rainbowchin: or :skeleton: or maybe :dragon:
  7. The one I've often missed is "thumbs up". It has a different connotation than just "okay", and I use it often in WhatsApp.

    The upside down smiley is also often a good fit, in my opinion.

    Here would be a perfect spot for one. :p
  8. 💪 🍕
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  9. Is that a muscle arm?
  10. Yes.. You can use it to signify when good things happen.. Right on, Excellent, Boss, and for when you're feeling pumped. Here is also a pizza 🍕
  11. I approve of this message

  12. Doesn't matter to me, I bring my own when I really need 'em.
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  13. Yesss, :waffle: would be totally great! Then I'd have one on discord, slack, and the forums ;)

    But on a more serious topic, I would LOVE it if the face that's crying with laughter were added. (Such as the one Kryarias posted above)

    Facepalm is also a useful emoji. Or perhaps a shrugging emoji?
  14. This is actually quite a good idea. :)

    How about a shrug emoji? I've wanted to use it a number of times, but instead I'd source the emoji graphic from an external website.
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  15. I'm surprised that nobody has asked this yet. What will you take them from? I'd assume the extended XenForo set, but I don't even know if that's available anymore, as for some reason the XenForo smilies have been replaced by an entirely new, much less expressive set. To add insult to injury, this new set is 27x27 instead of 22x22. This means that when you insert a smiley into a line with default font size, the line height will change...
    So yeah, where will you take them from? Or do you have an artist in mind?