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  1. While I was writing the title, I wanted to do something related to "A New Hope"
    But I decided against it.
    I am getting a new computer, one to replace my current laptop which has seen better days. I'm not getting some supercomputer, but this one will be able to play Minecraft, so that's an improvement.
    Though I am buying it this month, I don't want to use it until Christmas. You know, so it seems better.

    That, and because I have nobody to give me actual Christmas gifts.

    The computer itself, and all its technical goodness can be found here, though I'm going to buy it directly from Sears since that doesn't have shipping fees. Hopefully this new laptop will serve me well, or at least until I become too petty to like it anymore.

    Unfortunately, nothing is set in stone at the moment. Economy and such. It's just a high likelihood.
    I'm also rightly worried that it is in fact a terrible computer, and I'm wasting my time/money. Probably not, though, because iSmooch seems to think it's good.
  2. If it's not mac you are wasting your time/money.
  3. This ^
    is completely false.
  4. This ^
    is completely false.
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  5. Not keen on starting a flame war or any other random mac vs pc thing.
    It is simply my opinion that PCs are better, because I like to play games, use flash, watch youtube, use google maps, write word documents, refresh with the click of a button, pay less money, use the majority of programs... and have an overall faster computer.
  6. I agree but with a mac you can do all that other than pay less money.
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  7. Lol you just made your argument infinitely worse. Which is now: "You can do almost everything a PC can, AND you get to pay more for it!"
  8. That looks like a lovely computer.
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  9. Every Mac I have priced, I could pay my rent for like...7 Months. I also couldn't play a bunch of the games I play.

    As far as I am concerned, just get what you can afford that will work for what you want to do. Ex roommate's brother in law had a gaming PC made that had so much in it you could probably run 5 games at once plus some and not lag. He didn't even use all that stuff. Just got on a webpage and that was about it.
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  10. Sounds good, now for the big question...Are you really going to be able to keep yourself from playing around on your new PC before Christmas?
  11. Looks pretty descent - the perks you have going FOR you - is you have 8gb ram ... 4gb works very well with enough memory to spare - 8gb you can try and max out everything AND run other programs with no worries of lag of program switching and loading .....

    Also high amount of hdd space - 750gb with 5400rpm .... (3200 - and you're going bit too low (still works, but starts loading way slower) 5400 is descent enough

    have a blueray and dvd player a must have :D (blue ray is a bit of an add-on feature, not needed - but hey - you now have it ;p )

    I'm a tech guru - but haven't worked with too many intels yet (but enough to know to stay away from them - they are used in some gaming computers, yes ... i would have told you to go with AMD ... but since you already got it - you do have a partial plus here ... i would say stay away from (if you're going with intel )... i3's especially and occasioinally i5's ... i 7's are okay since their performance is up to par and they won't crash on overclocking and oldregging issues ... but i would say also to normally try to get closest to 3ghz as possible and away from the 1 zones ... atleast you have 2.5 ghz ... also once again with graphics ... i've mainly only worked with ATI's and repairs on the Radeon series ... but the HD 3000's hold up very well...

    you're performance review also heald up pretty well with it:

    and lastly your monitor - very descent size 17.5" - about 1 1/2 feet ... so pretty big for being in your lap - my old one was barely like 13.5" lol ... so yeh - big screen

    Next time i'd have to suggest an AMD X4 build with ATI graphics ... but with these specs - i'd say you got off with a very descent build - nice job :D
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  12. My big concern was the low specs on his i5. You're paying so much money for that chip, its so sad to not get it close to at least 3 ghz. Which is why I linkes the i7, which isnt as fancy as the hp in features (no backlit lcd, no blu-ray) but I expect better performance out of it.
  13. it's kinda false but not truely false so much
  14. So, you guys are younger, I really doubt you have built a computer without multithreading in mind. Just so you know, unless you are running some kind of rendering program, bus speed rarely matters nowadays. Its all about cores. Splitting the load. And honestly, 3ghz was really the fastest it got before multithreading, and now having it with xD... there are very few programs the casual gamer would use that tears into that. Now, if you are talking about heavy gamers, maybe, but even then, its all about RAM, VRAM, and your GPU, still very little to do with clock speed. Minecraft is a exception to this case only because it can only travel on 1 single thread, because Notch did not know how to properly code a game to use multithreading. 2.5 ghz is honestly all Crazy would need xD. The best machine I have is 3 years old, runs a core 2 Duo, and is a laptop, and by no means a gaming one. But it can run every game out there (maybe not at top specs, but so what on its smaller screen does it matter?) even with its age and dated-ness.

    Also, on the AMD thing, I am pro-AMD myself, but only on heavy running systems, because they run cooler :p, and cheaper for the raw power you get. But, if you decent cooling and know how to overclock properly, which is to easy in todays world, Intel will do you better in the long run. While AMD runs cooler, it has too, AMD chips are really incapable of running in Intel temperatures, they melt xD, seen it happen.

    Long story short, you guys are talking about clockspeed, but the only game he would play that really matters to clockspeed, is Minecraft, and 2.5 on a new-gen Intel chip will be just fine.
  15. On the contrary - my dear watson .... me and my friend spent in the 10's of thousands of dollars building computers :) (the last one just for myself ... the one i'm using now cost me over 2k alone) .... most of this money though was in the graphics cards and the processors .... lol he didn't even fool with using doors on his case ...

    we overclocked a few processors to see the max limit they could go without crashing ...

    the highest - intel i7 speed before it crashed was around 34ghz .... (safely around 13 ...) getting it in the 30's shut down the computer fans ... and started making it malfunction from the power diffusion and redistributions

    the highest - amd phenom II x4 955 processor ... mine reaches is about 16.8ghz (safely) ... lets just say the non safely ... we got it almost to 70 .... but we were burning so much power that i had the secondary fan on the side actually start burning lol - and i had to reset all of the specs back to factory

    To redo the amd - so it could handle it better - i switched it next time with the 965 (black editions)

    as for multithreading ... not that hard - plus we both took a class on it :)

    me personally i took:
    Technology Foundations
    and learned on my own CSS and HTML ... and the use of multithreading - i also learned c++

    preclass learning - i've completely built pda's since age 7, same time i starting writing programs, made a blog, and took html classes ... labtops age 9 already was learning to learn uses of bluetooth ... and computers age 11 ...
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  17. You missed my point. What I was saying was because of multithreading and the fact it is so common today vs. even 5 years ago, makes the bus speed of a board so much more, less important.