6/7/2016 - Chest Issue

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  1. A bad bug was encountered on the update that caused chests that loaded during this time to be wiped.

    The bug was only active for a few minutes, and we restored backups of any region affected, so it did not impact the entire server.

    Server deployed at 2:25AM~
    Backups were last done around 1:35AM~ (varies per server)

    So up to 1hr of changes may of been lost if you were playing at this time.

    If you were not playing, then you would not of been impacted.

    If you can show reasonable evidence that you had something that is now lost due to the bug, please contact SS by forum PM and we will get it restored.


    You would of had to of been playing at 2:25AM EST to have been impacted so no trying to get free items :3

    UPDATE from Krysyy:
    The rollback was to just around 5:35 pm EMC time, June 6, 2016.
    Even if you do not have evidence, please message us so that we can work with you to make things right. We apologize for this inconvenience and will do everything within our power to fix any issues.

    We have logs on our end, so please do not try to abuse this mistake to gain anything if you were not affected. We need to spend our time working with people that truly lost items.
  2. OMG! XD

    Edit: This why I have my stuff in vaults
  3. Thought you were just upping the difficulty :)
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  4. So will we be losing items we placed into a chest pre-update?
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  5. *Economy destroying intensifies*
  6. Just had dinner and I come back to this :D
  7. I can only imagine all the stone slabs you've lost :( rip slabs
  8. Poor Aikar, going through it at the moment, thoughts with you and family mate get well soon
  9. Omar and I spent the last 2 hours collecting obby and had JUST put it all in chests before the crash hehe ;)
  10. I was having a minor panic attack when I first logged in and all of my stuff was missing...kudos for catching it so quickly!
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  11. If that be the case....i would have just lost 13 elytra.
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  12. We will work to restore anything lost. only the chunks loaded in the few minutes after the bug are affected, not entire server.

    im finishing backup restoration, then gonna fix the bug
  13. Literally, i warned this could happen like 3 weeks ago... But thought Chin might get involved. Good luck aikar fixing it!
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  14. Chin just stole our items from chests and blamed the update. That's your problem!

    Bad Chin :p
  15. Oh gosh, i just put my elytra in a chest before servers went down
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  16. Same thing happened on another server I played on during their update to 1.8. Unfortunately they only updated once per day and when they tried to restore they ended up wiping everything data wise besides ender chests. Needless to say that I haven't joined another SMP server since that. I trust EMC's restorative system and Aikar to resolve this with little to no conflict.

    I can't help but feel bad however to all of those who lost their gear. I personally know how much you can make in an hour. However! Does this affect rupee balances? For Example: If you're restoring something from an hour ago and I sold a DC of quartz ore in an hour will I receive those items and keep the rupees?

    Just something to think about.
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  17. Ok things are back up and everything should be restored if it was affected. Please let me know asap if something is still completely empty.

    it only affected chests. I was fixing a bug where the wastelands was clearing the chest after a chunk unloaded, and accidently got the flag inverted for chests.

    I had tested it for minecarts.... as it was the first thing I found ._. I cut a corner since I was really needing to get to sleep (happened to take a narcotic pain killer too, totally just pushed past that to get this fixed)
  18. Seems like it rolled back much more than just an hour...
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  19. well i'm still missing roughly 1/2 a stack of ghast tears and 24 steak and 3 stacks of quartz blocks. the netherrack i could care less about but hey you got that majority of the stuff back and the server fixed and thats what matters most. as i'll be continueing my 3 month sojourn to the nether even these meager losses will be in the past soon enough. well done aikar and devs. now go get some sleep and recover more. you deserve it :)
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