400k rupees giveaway I guess

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  1. Something funny and interesting. ;)


    I don't want your money either. :)
  2. I feel your pain i lost an estimated 3-4 million rupees worth of stuff ;-;
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  3. Well, if that is the case then how are you going to do the give-away? :D

    But more seriously: I hope you'll reconsider. I understand that it can be a huge blow in your motivation if you have to start all over again. But there are dozens of ways how you can protect yourself from going derelict, and they don't always have to cost money too!

    /vote helps a lot, if you vote every week you're guaranteed to never going derelict. Better idea is to vote every day and continue doing that because then you'll get some really interesting voting rewards. Stuff like diamonds and emeralds, but also vault and stable vouchers.

    /vault and Enderchests can help. If you store things there then you won't lose them if you go derelict.

    And what to think about the Frontier? If you build a storage there then that too won't easily go derelict. Now, it can get a little expensive if you have dozens of [locked] signs to use, but there are other (cheaper) ways to lock things. For example: place a row of double chests and then place some uncommon blocks above them. After that no stranger can open those chests anymore because well... Anti-grief (block protection) stops them from removing those blocks.

    So there are some serious alternatives which allow you to play while making sure that you'll never lose your stuff again. Especially /vault and the Frontier can be very interesting options IMO.

    Well, I hope you'll reconsider and think about the other options you have. Anyway, as soon as I can think of something funny or useful to post I'll get back to you :)
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  4. Something super funny and interesting
  5. interesting fact:
    purple chickens do not lay purple eggs

    i hope you find another great server and have a good life :D
  6. It was complete. The experiment was finally complete! It lifted its head, and breathed a plume of fire. Then, it stretched its wings, amethyst scales shimmering in the light. They had done it. They had created a dragon!
    Professor Athro whooped in excitement.
    Doctor Kauka moved to run tests on the dragon. As soon as he got to the control board, the dragon noticed him and walked up curiously. There was an warcraft-level plass wall between them, but being that close to a dragon was still somewhat frightening. Especially if the only living ones you'd seen had been safely tucked away in movie screens. Naturally, Doctor Kauka pressed a button and dashed away.
    A robotic arm dropped a cow into the enclosure. The dragon roasted it in midair, caught it, and ripped it apart in the blink of an eye.
    "I guess she doesn't want to waste time eating." Professor Athro said with a laugh.
    "Maybe she's just really, really hungry. After all, this is the first time she's ever eaten." Doctor Farlod suggested.
    "That could be it too. We can't read her mind, so we can't be sure." Professor Athro replied. "Professor Yamich, can you get a read on her metabolism? It should be reacting to the cow by now."
    Professor Yamich typed in a command from his seat in the observation room above. A sensor on the dragon's belly lit up, and the control panel's screen started transferring the data.
    A few seconds later, the dragon yawned, swaying gently. She looked as if it was struggling to stay awake.
    "Come on, come on." Professor Yamich muttered.
    Suddenly, the dragon fell over, fast asleep. She had a trickle of smoke coming out of her nostrils.
    "Well, she doesn't have as strong of a system as an elephant." Doctor Farlod said.
    "But how are her scales?" Professor Athro said. "Now that she's asleep, a few scratch tests shouldn't bother her too much."
    Professor Athro walked up to the panel, and flicked a switch. An arm came out of the ceiling once again, this time armed with a knife.
    "Okay, 20% sharpness."
    The knife scratched the dragon's scales, and a piece of the knife was chipped off.
    "Let's try 50% then."
    The arm retreated into the ceiling, and came back with a different knife. This one made a faint line, but it faded after a few seconds.
    75% did a little better, the mark it made staying put for a minute.
    They tried 85% and 90%, and got similar results.
    "Wow, she's pretty tough!" Professor Athro said. "100% it is!"
    The knife went through the same motion, scratching the scales once again. It cut deeper this time, making a more prominent mark. The dragon shifted in her sleep, and shed the scale that had been scratched.
    "Scales nearly as hard as diamond, and she makes sure she doesn't keep a damaged one. Talk about elitist!" Doctor Farlod said.
    "Interesting." Professor Athro uses the robotic arm to pick up the damaged scale. "We should do some testing with this. It seems she's developed capabilities we didn't create. Maybe this scale can tell us more."
    Doctor Farlod took the scale to a DNA scanner down the hall. It analyzed it, and showed that it was similar to snake skin.
    "Makes sense." Doctor Remfurba said. "Snakes can shed their skins, and this dragon can shed its scales. Both are caused by instinct."
    "Yes. It could be a side effect of the forked tongue we borrowed from the Copperhead. Or perhaps the rattlesnake effect we used for the fire." Doctor Farlod mused.
    "Hard to know from just our current data."
    "Agreed. We need to investigate further. This could be bad. If the dragon has other behavioral adaptations like this one, we might have its mental measurements all wrong!"
    "Let's just hope that she doesn't deviate too much from the limits we estimated."
    A crash sounded from the other room.
    Doctor Farlod and Doctor Remfurba rushed in. Doctor Kauka was sprawled on the floor, having tripped over a cleaning bot.

    The first two pages of a story I'm writing. =D
  7. Sorry to hear that you lost all your items and that you are leaving. Hopefully you reconsider but if you do leave, hopefully you find a new place that you enjoy.

    And now because we've all been there:
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  8. Welcome to an amazing comedian.
  9. Hmm, that sucks. But we all have those hard times that may be extremely difficult to get over. I myself just lost over 1million rupees on my alt account... but you just have to embrace those problems and use them as a ladder to pull yourself back up to the top.
    Another way that ShelLuser hadn't mentioned to keep your derelict is if you know you'll be away for a long time, you can PM Krysyy and they can help you extend your derelict timer. After all, it isn't fun to lose all the things that you've worked so hard on making, is it? More information can be found here.
    I certainly hope you reconsider your leaving of the Empire. After all, it's very rare to find a community like this. And if you really want something to cheer you up, here's a little something I found. Not the most clean... but I hope you enjoy!
    Becky was 73 and just got her first computer. After her son spent over 2 hours teaching her how to use it, she was sure she knew everything there was to know about computers. Unfortunately though, one day she couldn’t get it to start so she promptly called an IT guy to come over and take a look at it. The IT guy managed to fix the issue in a few minutes and was on his way. Becky was proud when she overheard the IT guy on the phone with his boss telling him about the issue, she was sure it meant it was a serious issue and she was sure she took care of it the right way. “Excuse me if you don’t mind me asking,” asked Becky to the man on his way out. “I couldn’t help overhearing you on the phone with your boss. What exactly is an Id ten T problem? Just so I can tell my son.” The man smiled, took out a pen, “it stands for this: I-D -1-0-T”.
  10. 400k what? Potatos? Thats alot of potatos.
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  11. So sorry to hear about you loosing your stuff. I know it may seem frustrating and hard to imagine starting over.

    I don't think you should leave forever because of it. If you feel you need to step away and make a fresh return I'm sure everyone could understand that.

  12. Sorry to hear :(
    If you had voted regularly you could have kept the res.
  13. Just do want you want, you've got the freedom to do so

    but, just don't.

    I'd say "just do it"

    but please, it will hurt.

    I can say you was our pilote in out way through darkness.

    You will be missed.

    But, please, no... don't leave.

    PS: I din't even recognise your name...
  14. Something super funny and interesting.
    Please don't leave! Going derelict sucks, but you could come back! I bet a lot of people (including me) would help you start over and give you a lot of stuff to get you started again!
    Here's another funny/interesting thing:
    Don't even ask.
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  15. something interesting? I am interesting
  16. 100% of people who have ingested dihydrogen monoxide in their life die, or will die.
    edit- Some extra information about this horrible poison that kills billions, http://www.dhmo.org/facts.html thanks to Jeusspower2
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  17. "Every single heartbeat is something new And now that I'm immortal, what will I do? Somehow my wings are a symbol of a bigger change But still a thousand questions fill my veins"-unknown
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