[Guide] What happens if you get Perm Banned/Go Derelict?

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  1. Hello, community!

    I was reading through the wiki the other day and noticed a page that I found confusing- it was the page about our Empire's derelict timer. I didn't quite understand this page, so I've decided to write everyone a guide as to what happens.

    Section one: Derelict Status

    When a player goes derelict, it means that he or she has not logged on for x amount of days. The Empire runs on a timer to track a player's derelict status.
    • If a player joined 5 or less days ago, their derelict timer is at 5 days. If they don't join back after five days, they will have the risk of losing their residence.
    • If a player has joined from 6-10 days ago, their derelict timer is extended to 15 days.
    • If a player is over 30 days old, their timer is 30 days long.
    What happens when a player goes derelict?
    When a player goes derelict, they be at risk of losing their residence to another player- either overclaimed or given to a new player. The Empire wants enough space on all SMPs for people to be able to choose what SMP they wish to have a residence out.

    However, a player WILL NOT lose:

    • Belongs in a player vault
    • Horses in a player stable
    • Vault/Stable count
    • Rupee balance
    • Locked chests in the wild (unless requested by another player)
    How do I prevent going derelict if I don't think that I can get on for a long period of time?
    There are multiple ways to prevent yourself from going derelict. Most have time to get on at least once in a month. You can:

    • Purchase permanent derelict voucher- Link
      • You will never go derelict again, all of your belongings are safe and sound ;)
    • Purchase supporter upgrade- Link
      • Your derelict status will be protected until your supporter status runs out. If you have supporter status, you can use the link above to check when it will expire.
    • Vote daily- Link
      • If you have below 7 votes, one vote will set your derelict status back seven. The cheapest way =)
    • Place protection on your account- Link
      • If you know you are going to be away for a long time, and you are worried you may not have internet access to either vote or log on, you can have protection placed on your account. Contact the Community Manager to have this figured out.
    Section two: Bans

    On the Empire, there are two types of bans: Temporary and permanent.
    Temporary bans are short-term bans, though some can last up to a month. Ban reasons can vary a lot. There is no specific list of things that a player is banned for.
    Permanent bans are long-term bans. When a player is permanently banned, they lose all of their things. One person even described, "It's like starting all over again." Rupees, residences, everything, *poof*.
    There is one way to get out of being banned- Appealing to prove that you are worthy to return to the Empire- Link

    I hope that this guide helped you all. Any suggestions to add to this thread, as well as other guide suggestions can be PM'd to me- pm.emc.gs/_cTJ_.
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  5. Pretty sure you can dispute your ban if you feel the ban was unnecessary or you were banned incorrectly.
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  6. Ooh, the flashbacks... But I'm just going to do it :p Seriously, solely judging by your guides alone I think you might want to aim for a place in the contribution team. At the very least you might want to consider sending in a few blog posts :)

    Also keep in mind that if you got suggestions (maybe updates like this) then you can always sent them to a contrib member so that they can look at it and optionally use it. But honestly: I like your style here much better. This isn't only helping us contribs, but the whole community as well, win-win!

    Now, one thing to keep in mind (this is where I went wrong myself a bit at first): Being a contrib member isn't about rewriting whole wiki pages every chance we get, but is mostly aimed at making sure that the information on the wiki is correct, that we keep zpelling miztakez out of it and in general try to be concise and.... making the information easy to understand for players.

    So as to your comment about the derelict policy wiki page, I have to agree. When re-reading it I also got stuck in the first rules, so maybe us contribs can work something out here. We'll definitely look deeper into your suggestion here.

    And of course: thanks for sending it in! Like I said: this may help us, but it helps out players as well. A little bit of extra attention to the derelict policy can't hurt IMO.
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  9. Ok lemmie ask a wuestion

    If someone built a castle or something on their res and they go direlect and i claim the res, is the castle mine or is the res cleared?
  10. The res is cleared.
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