Calling all writers!

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  1. Hello everyone!

    Recently, I've been aware of awesome storytellers and guide writers posting on the forums. These would fit greatly in our blog, however I know that some of you wouldn't want the extra work of wiki updating, which would come with a Contribution Team title. Because of that, Krysyy and I have decided to give you guys a chance to have YOUR Minecraft story or guide in our blog!

    Submitting your Blog Post

    The submission process is pretty simple, write your blog and submit it to this google doc:
    Submit your blog post
    or use
    Your post will then be reviewed and, if it's accepted, we will make a few minor changes (grammar, formatting) and post it in the official EMC blog, under a Community account (with proper credit given).

    Rules of Submission
    • The submission you are giving must be of your own creation.
    • The submission must be appropriate, according to EMC guidelines.
    • By submitting, you agree to any small grammar/format changes necessary to enhance the quality of the post. We will not change major wording/content.
    Blogging tips

    A few helpful tips for a good blog post:
    • Try to pick a topic and stick to it throughout the whole post. Having a keyword makes this process a lot easier.
    • Add relevant images (If the image is not yours, please credit the author).
    • Divide your text in several paragraphs.
    • Use headings, if applicable.
    • Write a creative title.
    If your blog post is accepted and used, you will earn 5,000 rupees if claimed. This amount is per blog post.

    If you have any questions, please let me know. :)
  2. Ooo

    Why didn't I think of this? XD
  3. I may do it, maybe my book HerobrineStrikes, or the Story of EMC! Ugh the choices in my head!
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  4. Very interesting! =) I will definitely be participating.
  5. Would you guys be able to take a book from in-game and convert that? If I tell you how, would you do it? (Might be a bit complicated.)

    Or, could you just read the book and type it? (Or shall I do that?)
  6. It's probably advisable to write it up yourself in the entry form, the link is in the original post :)
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  7. There is an extra "Option 3" on the second question. :p
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  8. Then i might start writing about minecraft again *.*
  9. What does "The submission you are giving must be year own creation"? Do we have to start a blog about us building something?
  10. The submission and creation is writing. The writing must be your own, it doesn't have to be about building, unless you want it to be. :)
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  11. i would so do it if I had writing abilitys
  12. Sounds like a great idea!

    Edit: And that is totally me, too. I don't want to be a wiki editor, but would enjoy contributing to the EMC blog once in a while.

    I think that by having more people write for the blog, it will cover a wider range of topics and will reach a larger audience on EMC

    (But, you guys already knew that ;D)
  13. I will consider it.

    If you introduce an honorary forum title of 'Writer' to those whose works are accepted for the blog. Which I think would be a good idea.
  14. *cough* Kephras *cough*
    Wait he's already in the CTeam >.>
    So are all the others i can think of.
    And seffy's staff *.*
  15. I definitely want to participate! Also, is having an image required? :p
  16. No, it's not required, but having an image or two (or even more) is never a bad thing. :)
  17. Thanks. Another question: Can we write it on google docs and then copy/paste it in the submission? (Sorry I tend to ask questions when I'm interested :p)
  18. Yep. :)