2016 Redstone Competition! (April 22-June 3)

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  1. Please note, this thread is a rough draft and WILL be edited to be much better.
    Special thanks to AlexChance for making a rush job on the logo.

    Helllooo! I would like to start off by saying that this idea has been swimming around in the ol' noggin for some time.

    This thread will be organized with spoilers, named for their category.

    This competition is all about redstone, Minecraft's wonder dust.
    This contest is for you to show off those magical skills nobody can explain. This redstone design of yours can be any size, it can do anything you want. Only requirement?- It must work on EMC.

    The rules are as follows:
    • You are allowed 1 submission per person- No alts.
    • The build may be built on a creative world if it is proven to work on EMC.
    • Have Fun!
    • (No more rules- unless I think of more needed)

    You will PM myself as well as the 3 judges in the same convo. The PM will include:
    • World Download or Residence Number
    • Images of the build
    • What it is
    • What it does
    • If it was based off a Youtube design- include a link to the video.

    The three judges are...
    • Arkwarrior1
    • ShelLuser
    • Forevermaster0
    Click hereto send a PM to all 4 of us as the submission section states.

    Judging criteria-
    • You will be judged on what I call "The 3 -ness'es"
      • Neatness- The design is very flawless and "neat"
      • Compactness- For what your machine does, it is as/almost as compact as it can get.
      • Usefulness- The design serves a purpose to the player in the long run.

    You may be thinking: "Joe Schmo over there copied his design from youtube! I made mine from scratch and he won!"

    Any designs made off Youtube with no improvements WILL be disqualified. However, say you took the general design of ImpulseSV's compact item sorter and made it even better by removing even 4 whole redstone dust. In which case that would be allowed as long as the machine still functions properly.

    This contest will begin this Friday, the 22nd of April. Now, this is an unusual contest due to its long run time. It will run from Friday April 22nd until Friday June 3rd (6 weeks). The unusually long run time is for those who make original contraptions and need the time.

    CURRENT PRIZES, SUBJECT TO BE INCREASED. Rupees and items will be included.

    1st: 60,000r (and- 12 redstone ore, 12 diamond ore, 44 redstone blocks, 12 emeralds) + Dragon Head
    2nd: 45,000r (10 redstone ore, 10 diamond ore, 42 redstone blocks, 10 emeralds)
    3rd: 30,000r (10 redstone ore, 10 diamond ore, 42 redstone blocks, 10 emeralds)

    • ShelLuser- 5000r


    WARNING: This thread will be changed and updated until the start of the contest this Friday. Any ideas or suggestions may be posted in this thread. Hopefully I can get a reserved post right under the OP ;).
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  3. Sounds fun, if I can remember I might enter :)
  4. Bump. Forgot to edit... Will edit tomorrow for cleaner thread. Hoping to get enough judging applications in by Friday.
  5. Bump!

    Thank you AlexChance for expediting my order of this fine logo.
    Prizes from my current spending "allowance" have been added, however donations are appreciated. The prizes will not go down, but will only increase through the duration of the contest.

    Thank you all, and I hope you join this competition.
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  6. interesting
  7. How useful would you consider crashing the server, on a scale of 1-10?
  8. Hmm, it would be up to the judges.

    However, you would get fake bonus points in my book. Just blame Chin afterwards.
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  9. Dates of competition added to the thread title per the request of the initial poster.
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  10. Sounds cool, I may enter.
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  12. I didn't even notice this, and I'm already super excited over it! And not because for the reason(s) you might think, but I'm keeping quiet about that for now :)
  13. The bumps. Contest will start later today when the judges are announced.
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  14. Where do we submit? I know we submit to you in a PM but who are the 3 judges?
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  15. Will not be announced until later today. I need to PM some people because the thread hasnt seen much attention. Would have better luck just PMing some people I was told about and ask if they would join up. :)
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  17. Thank you sir.