2014 Labor Day Promo!

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  1. Hey everyone, it's that time again, Labor Day!

    Sadly, too much has gone on (Cat is in Hospital - if you want to discuss that, go here) and I'm unable to create anything new for this holiday, but the Labor Bench has returned in a 2014 Lore Edition!

    Type /promo laborday in game to claim!

    This is a special Workbench that does not require placing to use. It makes crafting in the Wild much more convenient!

    TIP FOR NEW PLAYERS: Other players are going to try to persuade you to trade this item. We suggest you keep it as it is a really valuable item and it may be worth more to you in the future.

    Old Players: We've had a pretty big problem with people bombarding every new player trying to buy their promos from them. We ask that you please stop this behavior, as it is taking advantage of new players who do not know the value of the item.

    Sure it may be a "fair trade", but they are new and do not have a grasp of the usefulness of items or value they have to traders. If you want to trade, please ask an older player. To a new player who trades an item then realizes they wish they didn't trade it, it looks like that older player just abused them (which in reality they did), and does not create a very welcoming feeling to the Empire...

    So please, discontinue the bombardment of asking new players to sell you their promo. Thanks!

    Duration: We are going to have this promo running for 1 week, until next Sunday to give everyone ample time to claim it. Enjoy!
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  2. First ! Second! Great promo, new bench, woohoo!
  3. Great to see the tips on trading in there, good call :)
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  4. So very glad you said this! I was going to propose something even more harsh and make it impossible to sell/trade the promo items for the first two weeks or something just to prevent anyone from doing this but just acknowledging this as a problem is probably good.

    Was this meant to be soulbound though? because it's not showing up as soulbound :(
  5. Labor Benchs aren't supposed to be soulbound :)

    Regarding the trading thing, I created a chest shop on my res to buy them. I put some signs around it stating that they only get one promo and if they sell it to me than they will lose it. Is this allowed?
  6. Sounds like a great workbench.
  7. Will try to get it up tonight.

    Didn't require a reboot to release this, so thats why no shop is up yet.

    That's fine, the goal is to not 'lure' new players in, or encourage them to, but if they randomly find a shop sign and decide to sell to it, then that's perfectly ok, that means they did it purely out of their own intention.
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  9. \o3o/
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  10. You should probably be a bit more clear on what this means.

    Traditionally what happens are the following:

    1) Players putting up forum posts stating they are buying
    2) Players setting up chests on their res to buy and then promoting this fact on the server they live on
    3) Same as #2 but they go from server to server promoting it
    4) Players spamming chat stating they are buying the chests
    5) Players harassing every player that comes on the server asking them to claim their promo so they can buy it
    6) Same as #5 but they spend all day going from server to server doing it

    Do you simply want #5 and 6 to stop? or where is the line drawn?

    I'd make the case that aside from probably #1 (because most new players probably aren't using the forum heavily) could cause a new player to sell their promo prematurely without understanding what they are fully doing.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that if Supporters or Staff do any of the above then it's more likely to influence a new player because they see the colored names.
  11. Very glad you said this. It has been a widespread problem when promos come out. :)
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  12. Being honest, Labor Day Benches are very nice to have and I think we should not stray from it. I vote that we have them every year.

    Reason: Usefulness for new players, they do not have to overpay on 2013 ones.
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  13. If u make that anvil, imma buy it!!!
  14. Good call on the trade part already had someone try to get players to sell them tonight for 5k I paid 35k for one not to long ago and I think that's about right.
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  15. Got to get one soon!
  16. I myself would like to see also some other items like an Labor Enderchest which is not needed to place or a Labor Water Bucket which is always filled with water ( like a never ending water source ). Or as in another thread wrote an Labor Furnace or Labor Enchantingtable :)

    But this also might be too much :/

    [ EDIT ] : the bucket could also be called ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Bucket and its lore would be: 'be always prepared with ice cold water for your possible nomination' :p
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  17. Yay a new version of one of my favorite promos! It's so useful :)
  18. yes