[Suggestion] Labor Day Anvil

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Would you want this?

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Yes 25 vote(s) 71.4%
No 10 vote(s) 28.6%
  1. It can have the same ability as the workbench (can be used without being placed) and it won't be able to break,but it is not soulbound...
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  2. Yep, love this idea
  3. Don't you think this is too much?
    A workbench crafted with 4 wood which normally takes no durability, okay.
    An anvil crafted with a lot of iron which breaks after some uses made unbreakable seems for me a bit to overpowered!
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  4. I always liked the idea a labour day furnace food on the go xD
  5. It would be cool if it didn't require xp and it was just unbreakable, but alas, too op :(
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  6. It will still need to require exp...
  7. ~Bumps~

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  8. ...

    I had an idea like this too

  9. K.
  10. Maybe only unbreakable, not usable without placement?
  11. With this anvil, I have some suggestions to (maybe) balance it out.
    + Labor Bench Qualities
    + Unbreakable
    - 10 or 15 exp per use
  12. Do you mean exp orbs or levels?
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  13. Levels.
  14. The anvil would be useless since if you want to repair something that cost 15 levels, would need 30 levels...
  15. Can you rephrase that so I can understand?

    15 levels is good because unless you want to carry an anvil and a pickaxe everywhere, you will pay a small price.
  16. Let's say you have a tool that needs to be repaired, it cost 15 levels. To access the anvil you need 15 levels, in total you will need 30 levels... Which makes the anvil useless...
  17. That is not what I meant at all.
    15 levels per use on the anvil means if you open the anvil and decide to fix your pickaxe, it will cost a defined 15 levels. Renaming a piece dirt would cost a defined 15 levels. It is both beneficial and an annoyance dependent on what you are doing.
  18. O... lel
  19. I think it should cost 15 more levels on top of however much it normally costs to repair, so it is unbreakable, but at a price