1.8 is coming soon?

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  1. Just saw this message on the server. I guess it's happening in a few days?!
    Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 12.54.45 PM.png
  2. Not in a few days, but close.

    Could be within 2 weeks~

    I finished the largest part of the update process last night.

    Next step is to make it actually compile, the fix issues and add needed code changes.
  3. You forgot to put "First"... :p
  4. One question about this though
    Will Anvil mechanics remain the same as before on EMC, or will those need readjusting as well...?

    (edit: yes, that's literally my only concern right now :p)
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  5. oh? you're not concerned about the fact updating to 1.8 will fix head issues? xD
  6. This is first actual notice I have received concerning 1.8. I am the happiest man alive. ;u;
  7. I'm gonna miss infinite villagers...
  8. Then suddenly, 1.9!
  9. *eyes light up* 1.8 =)
  10. Already laying the groundwork (literally) for the entry of 1.8.

    One question though - is a waste reset being planned for the 1.8 update or will it be done at a later date?
  11. Yus! good job, Aikar.

    Though, I do just have one concern about the update... Due to all the new features 1.8 brings such as, blocks, mobs, enchanting system, ect, doesn't this mean that the WILD will have to be reset to include all these new features? does this mean that all outposts (and personal bases, ect) created in the wilderness will be lost?
    Just my one concern, other than that, bring on 1.8!
  12. Waste could be entertained, but considering Aikar would be putting himself under a digital guillotine if he reset the frontier, I seriously doubt that area will be touched.
  13. Enchanting gear is my #1 priority - well, at least to me, anyway xD
    I already know heads will be easier to render with the 1.8 head mechanics now. :D

    Plus, you could potentially use Enraged Creepers to get more than just Creeper heads... >:3
    Don't quote me on this but
    I read the Minecraft wiki
    and it stated that all Villagers spawned before 1.8 will still retain all their 1.7 trades and trading logic.
    When updating a world (or worlds in this case) to 1.8, only Villagers that were (re-eggified then) spawned after the 1.8 update will be affected by the new trade mechanics. :)
    So get as many Villagers ready as you can! Using any emeralds from the /event that you got to "perfect" their last trade is highly recommended. :D

    I don't think that'll be the case, fortunately. :) And here's why:
    The wild has always been the way it has for a long time, and was made way before Minecraft 1.5, even!
    (Heck, the wild is so old that Abandoned Mineshafts in newly loaded chunks STILL contain Chests instead of Minecarts with chests, and Dungeons can still have Cocoa Beans. So yeah... that old lol)
    Sadly, on the other hand, it means Ocean Monuments won't be added to the Wild. So look to the Waste for that. xD

    Speaking of, even when the servers update to 1.8, the Waste won't be reset until the scheduled date. At least, I'm pretty sure they won't. So everyone who's going crazy over wanting Prismarine and making Guardian Grinders (or having ideas for some) will have to wait on that. ^^; This also gives players a bit more time to mine out in Waste and not have to scurry to move their stuff, and I don't think Aikar would do that to Waste miners right when 1.8 comes out. ;D The anticipation will make the next reset all the more worthwhile.
    Besides, that would break the waste reset schedule :O

    So yeah, main concern is still anvil mechanics and what Aikar will do with them (leave them the same, adjust them around 1.8, keep them locked for 1.7, adjust them around some other completely new logarithm, etc)... because I love to enchant things, and the new anvils would ruin that for me, so yeeeah. =P Anvils are literally the only things I don't like about 1.8; everything else is cool to me. :D
  14. Another way will be found.

    Why? Because Mojang ALWAYS leaves a loophole. One of the wonders of iron farms, gold farms, infinite villagers.

    Plus, we can still use existing ones.
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  15. Close, but not quite. The wild was reset a few years ago, (during beta I believe) and that was the end of it. Oldies also took advantage of it, they traveled really far out and never came back so their location would be hidden on the live map. Anyways, the chunks that are near spawn have old generation patterns, from pre-1.5. That is true. In fact they have generation patterns from ages ago. But when new chunks are generated in the wild, (yes in the wild not the wastelands) they are generated to the standards of current version minecraft. This means that we will see all the new things, like the stones and water temple things in the wild. Yes. That means bunnies.

    The only disadvantage to this is that the terrain on the border between 1.7 and 1.8 chunks might look a little ugly. But we have already seen that with 1.7.

    Incorrect. All infinite villagers as we know them will be broken. However, existing infinite paper villagers will be able to be made into nice 1.8 infinite villagers. You just need to make sure before 1.8 that all of your villagers that you want to be infinite in 1.8 have a paper trade.

    Edit: if anyone wants to know about this please PM me.
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  16. Oh... but I hate bunnies.


    Yes, the border will look ugly. Can someone sort that out?
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  17. Incorrect. All infinite villagers as we know them will be broken. However, existing infinite paper villagers will be able to be made into nice 1.8 infinite villagers. You just need to make sure before 1.8 that all of your villagers that you want to be infinite in 1.8 have a paper trade.

  18. This mechanic and this mechanic only has the ability to cause EPIC economic disaster, scams, soooo much headache. Either all "god" armor and items are going to increase in price SIGNIFICANTLY or the mechanics will have to remain the same. If they do switch over then we will also have to adjust rules for buying/selling and auctions as a "god" item will be much more valuable with a low "prework" penalty and repairable a time or two, essentially doubling/tripling its worth as opposed to one that would cost some few thousands of xp levels to repair(the highest I have seen personally on EMC is 86, I'm sure there are PLENTY of people that have had higher but your high score is moot to the point)

    There is plenty coming in 1.8 that will effect the economy and boy will it be a rocky road but the anvil... I too am scared for how that will be implemented as it will affect everyone that doesn't sit in town 24/7, and hard.
  19. Approx 2weeks? Nice! Need to get my guardian farm group prepped. >:]
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