1.19(.2) The Wild Update - 6/26/2022

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  1. Yes, I was referring to the decreased distance rendering in 1.18, as a reason that we didn't need the full panoramic view without obstructions from the inner tower, on the current waste spawns. You have to get closer to the edges of spawn to really see anything.

    It is a little different and a tighter space. That was my only drawback that was worth mentioning.

    As I said, I like it. It will take a minute to get used to, as I have been using the other design for my entire Emc tenure.
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  2. MY! these spawns are beautiful! congrats on the color palette and the theme.

    As usual, hats off to everyone in the team for your dedication and generosity!
  3. So, I understand they removed Fireflies from the update :mad: but did they keep the frog's attacks? I'm really curious if Moople's frog army can become a reality!
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  4. They eat tiny slimes and magma cubes. Magma cubes even drop froglights when they’re eaten.
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  5. Frogs, that is all

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  6. So I'm just learning about allays, but I can't seem to get them to respond to a jukebox. I play the music and they don't dance. Any ideas?
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  7. Never mind...I didn't read well enough. We need to wait for 1.19.1 to get the reproduction of allays...aww. I can't wait!
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  8. man the mango wood is sexy tho

    good job chicken
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  9. In addition to the Independence Day special stuff. There are a few updates that came out. See ^ this post that explains what is new/changed.
  10. I have moved the chat reporting discussion to the controversial section. No posts were altered. This thread is not the place to discuss such things.
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  11. Have you guys updated to 1.19.2 yet?
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  12. We are not on 1.19.2 yet. There should be a post somewhere (likely here or a new thread) once that update is out. :)
  13. Ah. No wonder I get a Code 1 crash.
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  14. It went a bit rough, but between this morning and this afternoon. The server is now on version 1.19.2.
    Below is a changelog and notes about the update.
    • Versions 1.19.1 and 1.19.2 have the same protocol version which means you may connect with either of these versions.
    • Allays can now be eggified. Reminder that they now are duplicatable with Amethyst Crystals.
    • Foxes and Ocelots will now spawn in from eggs, trusting the player who spawned them.
    • All chat messages are considered System messages. This means that no chat signing/reporting is occurring on EMC. This vanilla feature is not currently possible on BungeeCord servers such as ourselves.
      You will receive the below message when logging in. Chat works the same way as it always has. We cannot disable this message yet.

    • Putting aside the issues over the past 12 hours with the server update. If you are playing on version 1.19, you will get a warning about using an old version in the proxy MOTD.

    In general, there were no feature changes in this update. We are still working on things, just progress has been slow :)
  15. Ty for finalizing the update!
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  16. Not sure if it had anything to do with it, but I went to get onto the server after switching over to 1.19.2 and couldn't get in. Now, I can't even get the Launcher to start up and I've done everything I can think of to get it to work.
  17. Try deleting your game version files for 1.19.2 and downloading it again through the launcher. Also make sure your mods folder is empty.
  18. Like I said, I tried everything I can think of, including that.
  19. Have you tried a COMPLETE fresh install?
    I mean go in and rename .minecraft to like .minecraft-backup.
    Then run the launcher so that it is forced to generate everything from scratch. Then when the launcher is closed, you can copy your old worlds/stuff back in.
  20. you seem not to have understood the situation: