1.19(.2) The Wild Update - 6/26/2022

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  1. Note: that we are now on 1.19.2. Update notes in this post. https://empireminecraft.com/threads/1-19-2-the-wild-update-6-26-2022.86222/page-2#post-1617927

    We are now updated to Minecraft version 1.19! The wastelands have also been reset with a brand new design from the Build Team!

    Please report any bugs to https://pmdev.emc.gs!

    Here are some EMC specific change logs in addition to the changes brought from Vanilla.
    • Eggification: Added frogs to be eggifiable.
      Goats save whether they have lost their horns.
      Allays are not currently eggifiable, probably will be when we upgrade to 1.19.1.
    • Added mob heads for each frog variant, allays, and warden (thanks to MoreMoople).
    • Removed residence subflags which involved custom mobs. Any residences with those flags set have been automatically cleared (since it no longer exists).
    • Res permission interfaces now use glass panes. Someone pointed out that the dyes were outdated as opposed to using panes, cannot recall who.
    Bug fixes:
    • Fix disconect if you try to /smp1 while on smp1.
    • While in town, send advancement broadcasts to everyone on the same residence (if not in a group). Before, it just wasn't getting sent to other people at all.
    • Fixed an issue where leaving the border area of town was not kicking you back to spawn.
    Remember to go check out the new waste spawns, they are awesome.
    Sometime during July, I am expecting for us to release "Empires" the ingame guild feature for creating persistent groups with your friends. They will be the owner for outposts. Specific details on this will come alongside that update. I have nothing else to report on the subject at this time.
  2. Amazing 1.19! and Empires news! can't wait to play
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    Thanks for all your hard work, chicken. :)
  4. Well, time to go play with the Wardens :cool:
  5. I wanna thank chickeneer the mostest but there are a good few others that helped get this out there sooner than later. Thank you to all of you!! =D

    The waste spawns are just.. omg they are beautiful!! Thank you build team!!! <3
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  6. O_O you a cray cray man.
  7. Sounds amazeballs. I’ll be on in a few hours. Just need to shut my eyes for a bit. Thank you to the dev team and the build team and everyone in between that made the update happen.
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  8. The new waste spawns are amazing! Now time to fine some mangrove swamps!
  9. ^ I will reply when this is no longer the case.
    This is no longer the case.
  10. Thanks for your hard work!
    Time for my customary frolic through the new smp7 wastelands!
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  11. Yayyyy!!! Can't wait to get the Warden Head Head!! j/k j/k!!! Thanks for the hard and quick work guys and gals :)
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  12. Amazing stuff! Can't wait to start exploring soon :3
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  13. The waste spawns are really amazing, thank you build team, chickeneer and anyone else who worked on the update!
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  14. Awesome job on the Wasteland spawn points. They look great!

    Also thank you for all the work to get the update out.
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  15. Came across this winter wonderland view and just had to share it here.

  16. Love the new spawn :D

    I hope that the warden head is not as ridicolous to get as the wither head.
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  17. Wait, what? I hope this is not true. xD

    It was Sky. :)
    I was under the impression that this was a feature. :p
    Congrats on the update, everyone. :D
  18. You can eggify goats again. Currently the horn saving thing isn't a thing since baby goats always spawn without horns. Not sure what we will do about that, probably remove the saved option and just always have them spawn in as a baby (which grow horns when they grow old).
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  19. The new Waste Spawn designs are great!!
    The stairs that were hard to get across when you were moving about the top of the staircase have been reduced, Thank you sooo much, it bothered me.

    Having the work stations handy is super fabulous!!

    One note:
    There is limited scenery view when you spawn. The tower is very narrow there at first, but will probably get used to it. Probably doesn't matter with changes to distance and fog.
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  20. We can't control the fog.
    But the server's view distance is like 10 chunks away. That is fairly far and didn't change from 1.18 to 1.19?
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