(1.18.2) 1.18.1 Caves and Cliffs: Part 2 Update and Residence Bookmarks

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  1. Yes, render distance is much improved and greatly appreciated. No more fog . . . :confused:
  2. Ah, ha, that makes my 9 Blizz Ards some what of a rarity. Very nice....
  3. There's a timer running on them now. They will melt soon: " Blizz Ard will despawn after 60 days."
    It's in the wiki under BlizzArds, custom mobs.
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  4. It is worth noting. They despawn after 60 days from them spawning. Not from us disabling their spawning.
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  5. Thank you for letting me know about that feature, I was unaware. Too bad though because I like seeing them turn to face me each time I walk by. I know what's on their minds.
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  6. I keep getting kicked for wrong version, but I have it set to 1.18.1 is it just me? have restarted the game like 4 times, everything was working fine 2 days ago..
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  7. The correct version is 1.18.2. ;)
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  8. ah, ok, they need to update the update version thread then lol
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  9. https://update.emc.gs will always be up-to-date :)
  10. Does anyone know what the reason for the horse speed change is?
  11. So when horses first came out, there was a glitch where you could splash speed potions on two horses then breed them to get absurdly fast babies (I think this is how it worked?). Anyways, people got very fast horses until Aikar implemented a change to reset all horses above speed 140. However, the actual fastest horse obtainable at the time was 135 (and it has always been 135 on EMC until 2 weeks ago, chickeneer confirmed this, any 135+ found in the wild was likely an abandoned horse that was a product of this glitch). There was some early snapshot where horses were faster but that was never applied to EMC.

    This resulted in a bunch of 135.00-139.99 speed glitched horses being left on EMC. And these 139 speed horses could produce 137s (or possibly 138s if they were high 139s). These people had an absolutely absurd advantage over anyone else, as it was literally impossible to get any more 139s (yes, if anyone says they bred a 139, they're lying and are absolutely hiding something suspicious, they very likely got their horses illegitimately). An explanation for this: a baby horse's speed is determined by the formula (parent 1 speed + parent 2 speed + random horse speed) / 3, where the random horse speed was between 45-135, so even 2 139.99s could produce a 138.33 at max.

    Anyways, imagine you were a normal player, trying to breed horses/hunt them in the wild... the fastest you could get without external help was 134.99 speed. And getting a 134 would require absolutely absurd luck. Meanwhile, someone with 2 139s could mass produce these 134s. The worst thing is that all these god horses originated from a glitch. So, EMC decided to bump up the random horse formula's cap from 135.00 to 139.50 (in both the baby formula that I mentioned earlier and wild spawning), to make it actually fair. This way 1 or 2 people don't have absolute power over everybody.
  12. Thank you! Very clear explanation.
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  13. Not sure if this is the best thread anymore to put this. But we sent out a small bug fix update with the reboot this morning.

    Notable changes:
    • Fixed collision with entities. Also, collision with other players is likely to stay. We will see.
    • Fixed death message formatting which was broken when only certain people died.
    • Fixed the rotation of new player signs.
    • Allow players to use the /randomplayer (radius) and /randomresplayer (residence) commands. Sends a random player's name to your chat window either by radius or for the specified residence.
    • Experimental change which fully re-enables invisibility potions. Negligibly little testing has been done with how this interacts with "Survival Update" stuff; so don't plan on the current behavior to necessarily be intended.
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  14. very cool! thank you, mr purp :)

    now time for tnt to be able to be dispensed from dispensers in the wild or limited fire spread within certain radius of player >:)
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  15. tnt dispencers powered by redstone within a certain distance of the player say 10 blocks would be amazing
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  16. oh and just to clarify tnt dispensers do work in wild u just have to manually power them by leaver
  17. Huh, these are pretty notable indeed!
    I wonder what the second listed change means? It never happens that everyone dies, does it? :p
    I'm sure some people will be quite happy with invisibility potions being enabled! I wonder if I'll hear more of it.