Aug 13, 2012
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Disney+ just dropped and with it the first episode of The Mandalorian. If you like Star Wars, make sure you check this miniseries out. Hyped for the next episode! Nov 12, 2019

    1. benthebobjr
      U ever decide to listen to a 10 hours of Star Wars Cantina song video and then regret it 6 hours in but can't stop because of your progress?
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    2. benthebobjr
      Ewoks VS Porgs who wins? Also what about a Jedi Porg? OR what if Snoke is a deformed Porg that has set forth to destroy the Porg race?
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    3. benthebobjr
      Binge watching all 7 seasons of Game of Thrones in a weeks time is tiring. Although it is a very great show, wish I hadn't started so late.
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      2. Tbird1128
        I just started watching 2 weeks ago and just finished season 5.
        Sep 5, 2017
      3. synth_apparition
        Wish I could rewatch and watch Ned Stark's character development for the first time again. Hard to believe he went from that man in Season 1 to who what he is in Season 7.
        Sep 5, 2017
    4. benthebobjr
      Tommy Wiseau's "The Room" is my all time favorite movie!
      1. PetezzaDawg
        Ride tommy! Skyrim awaits!
        Aug 23, 2017
    5. benthebobjr
      8 episodes through Netflix' Marvel's The Defenders. Lemme tell ya, it's awesome
      1. benthebobjr
        Aand didn't realize there were only 8 episodes. I was expecting 13 like all the other Netflix Marvel shows.
        Aug 18, 2017
    6. benthebobjr
      Been on EMC for 5 years now. Due to being busy all week the post will come later this month! *edit* maybe it will be a little longer
    7. benthebobjr
      1 year ago today coolmanbackoff and I were banned. Too bad we broke the rules :/ Maybe someday coolmanbackoff will be unbanned like I was.
      1. benthebobjr
        Also my '5 years of EMC' post is coming soon
        Aug 9, 2017
      2. MerRhyAndBright
        Did he not hack Runder?
        Aug 9, 2017
      3. benthebobjr
        He compromised Runder's account
        Aug 9, 2017
    8. benthebobjr
      Dunkirk: 9/10 | Emoji Movie: ❌ (Terrible)
    9. benthebobjr
      Buying PPP Power Armor -torso, Purple Krysyy Head and Happy 6th Birthday EMC books signed by Krysyy | PM me
    10. benthebobjr
      Hehehe I just went to Goodsprings Nevada
    11. benthebobjr
      Will be offline for 10 days (16th-26th). Going on vacation to California and Nevada. Also going to San Diego Comic Con!
      1. WardleDeBoss likes this.
      2. Sachrock
        Have fun
        Jul 16, 2017
    12. benthebobjr
      War for the Planet of the Apes . There isn't enough space to fit my full review, but this is the first movie of 2017 I give a perfect 10/10.
      1. Tuqueque likes this.
      2. benthebobjr
        I've mistyped the title as 'War of the Planet of the Apes' so many times.
        Jul 15, 2017
      3. Carbonyx
        War for the Reboot of the Sequel of the Dawn for the Prelude of the Epilogue of the Saga for the Planet of the Apes
        Jul 15, 2017
    13. benthebobjr
      So I captured a cave spider to display in an enclosure at my outpost. I named him Mastermind... yet he jumped from the wall and died... ya
      1. Slvr
        Spiders are intelligent this way.

        In all seriousness this is why I make water moats around the inside edges of spider habitats I make.
        Jul 14, 2017
      2. ElfinPineapple
        The spider was a mastermind.....of his own fate. :P

        sorry lol
        Jul 14, 2017
      3. benthebobjr
        I just lowered the ceiling by one block and captured a new spider, hopefully this one is smarter.
        Jul 14, 2017
    14. benthebobjr
    15. benthebobjr
      Going to see Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac today! It's gunna be awesome.
    16. benthebobjr
      Amazing seeing all the Canadian flags where I live. Happy Canada Day, 150 years of the greatest nation! #Canada150
      1. 607 likes this.
    17. benthebobjr
      *When you don't know the answer to an equation on the math exam so you use the equation to confirm Illuminati instead*
    18. benthebobjr
      My day has been full of me just saying disappointed remarks and allusions to the fact we might not get Elder Scrolls VI for another 6 years.
    19. benthebobjr
      And then you learn Bethesda hasn't even started working on developing Elder Scrolls 6 yet. ;-;
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