Zombie Invasion

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  1. Ok, tell me if this is suspicious or not...

    I log in with my alt, Replete_Spectrum, so that I can log in with this account to infect all my alts to give me a boost on the infections thing. The second I log in, Defluxer logs in, immediately comes to where I was standing and infected me, even though I was a good distance below him. Then logs out again immediately after doing so. All this took place in the span of literally 5 seconds. I didn't even have time to do anything. I have no idea how he knew where I was, that I wasn't infected yet, and had the infection turned on because I just logged in. Because this happened so fast, I cant show proof of this, but I just wanted to see what others thought of this...

    I am also a bit disappointed with the way this zombie apocalypse is set up. I feel this way because the even started sometime today (I assume right at midnight). Most of us, being asleep at this point. Then, we wake up and go to school. Then, for those of us who do sports (Like me) don't get home until like 5:45. So by the time I can actually participate in these types of events, everyone is already infected and the only people I can get are new players who enter the tutorial (Which is grinding and waiting, and grinding is not fun). I don't get to experience the fun of infecting people because there are people (cough at the top of the leader boards cough), who play all day and infect everyone the second they come on and people like me cannot do anything.

    Sorry for making this long, I just like to fully participate in events such as these, but I cant because I have a life outside of EMC and cant be on 24-7. I don't mean to be rude, I just hate getting the short end of the stick. I would also like to know if people have experienced this same thing, either with Defluxer or other players.

    Happy April 1,
  2. LOL You have to be close to the person to infect them
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  3. Yes, but how did you know where I was, the second I logged on, and infected me even though I was below you. Its like you have some program that does all this for you...
  4. I have this mod called voxel map which allows me to see other peoples locations on a minimap
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  5. Yeah... 50-100 blocks sure is close. That's how I was infected (when there were walls and walls of blocks between me and the person) which is kinda stupid. I guess some people around here don't know how zombies work. All those movies had it wrong. You just have to see a zombie and boom your infected. All that talk about them biting, scratching, etc was obviously made up. :S

    Also if you turn off the feature for yourself it still says your infected. This idea wasn't really well thought out I feel.
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  6. I logged in an immediately got infected. Nobody was near me. Riddle me that.
  7. Exactly my point. This entire event wasn't thought out at all (No offense to the developers). Zombies dont breathe because they are dead and dont need to. So the whole "airborne virus" thing is not a good idea.

    Defluxer, you werent on smp6 when I logged in. When I logged in, you immediately logged in and immediately knew where I was. I use the mini map too. That map isnt going to tell you my res number and when I log on. Plus it only zooms out so far before it stops. So my question still remains...
  8. It tells you who infected you. You can ask them :)
  9. How do I find out?
  10. I live fairly close to smp9 spawn and as soon as I logged on, BOOM I was infected :/ and my alts all got spawned camped at my reses damit xD
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  11. I am glad I am not alone in thinking this wasnt well thought out and people are upset with this. :D
  12. I think it is you a five others. Most Minecraft distance related code doesn't work well (or at all) with vertical distances, at least that is how it used to be. So if you were infected with him on top of you, that is probably why. Not EMC's coding, Mojang's.

    Also, I think this event is great. Just because it wasn't optimized around a time that fits you doesn't mean it is not well thought out.
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  13. EMC is doing a zombie infection. Mojang did the villager part. It is not Mojang's fault that EMC coding wouldnt work properly since this is EMC specific. Second, we have developers that can program things for this server. They can alter the coding of the properties of anything they like on their servers. And I dont you if you meant "I think it is you and five others" or something else in your opening sentence, but your argument is invalid... :p
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  14. Sorry if you think that, but we are not bound by what movies and TV's tell us :)

    And in the walking dead (The most popular Zombie thing out atm),
    The virus is airborne....

    And as for timing, it would be a rather fail attempt of an April Fools day thing if we waited until it wasn't even April 1st for some parts of the world... :/
  15. Did I talk about the Zombie Infection coding, or the default distancing coding that is universal in Minecraft?
  16. Shouldn't eating a Golden Apple cure you? I've heard it works for infected Villagers.

    If only there were a cure. Then we could have a competition to try and take over/save the servers.

    I haven't logged in yet today. I wonder how long I can avoid infection, or do I want to be infected?
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  17. A cure that costs 50000 should be for sale in the shop.
  18. How do I see if I'm infected
  19. /p playername OR it should tell you that you are infected when you join.
  20. No you did not. I was stating what you failed to identify. If the zombie's range was a problem, then the developers could open up the coding of that range and alter it. I cant tell you exactly how to program (Because I am not a programmer), but I do know that it can be done with lots of JavaScript or whatever EMC uses for its coding.
    I am sorry if I upset you Aikar, but I just was also wondering this...
    Dont you and the admins/senior mods/developers have a secret server called Stage where you can test and manufacture events before they come into the actual Empire? I was always under the impression that Stage was where this happened. Also, if you and the developer's team planned this a while ago (Obviously you would have because you can code something like this in one sitting :p ), then why didn't someone think that the range for the infection was way too much? Or think of a way that players who cant get on much (Due to reasons I listed in my post) could still have a shot at the leader boards for the most infections ever.