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  1. I believe I was skipped over, I did pay
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  2. I didnt skip ya im just not really doing it in order it just make me feel stressed. its which ever person skin gets me an idea faster and movated.
  3. Okay thanks for keeping me updated!
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  4. Will you do the commissions that you haven't finished yet? :)
  5. Ya i just still have art block for sketching.

    when im a good mood and ill do the drawings.

    Im mosly doing foam weapon crafts or paintings, some days i get drawing mojo back but i would start commisson but it evenly turns into something else because the depression i have. It just matters if im in a good mood and positive.

    I also add med foam weapon to my fourm if anyone wants me to a foam weapon of there choosing while im in my crafting mojo
  6. That's okay, but I wondered why you bumped the thread. Usually people bump a thread like this if they're looking for more commissions, and you don't seem to be.
  7. Im bumping my fourm so people can see my art and to get commission if people want
  8. Hi everyone who waiting for me to get there commission done im kinda taking a break.

    Plus i need to pack stuff since the landlord of the house want it back. Mom still looking for a house so i dont know yet if we going to have to stay at my dad’s place till she finds one.

    Ill still work on the commission but slowly
  9. Is your break over? :)
  10. We moving soon to new house so im kinda busy. Im still drawing stuff but im not in a good mood lately
  11. Bump

    UPDATE - i started to work on carfryer's commission. after i'll evently start to work on others
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