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  1. If you can try to make a profile with the two characters in my signature that would be dope. Thanks!
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  2. What is this? Another commission for ZanDarkin?!? :eek:

    (All in honesty, I look forward to seeing that as well~)
  3. Ill just need a pic of them
  4. Also im slowly working on ur commission joy. Since i kinda got the mood back to draw.
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  5. Oh? I look forward to it my man! ^^
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  6. Both made by Bosoc
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  8. Ooooh, another commission for ZanDarkin? :eek:

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  11. You're exploding man, look at these people coming to you for commissions~ ^^
  12. I saw this thread and was like, "Hm, maybe this will be interesting?" I click on it read the description and was amazed with the artwork you've done. (Must have took a couple weeks or days.) So, I thought maybe I could ask this person to create one for me. So here I am now :) I am here to ask for one. Here's what I want:
    One full body,
    If I can I want it drawn :)
    My character
    And some information,
    PLEASEEEE don't stress or try your VERRYYY best on these things just um have fun doing it! :))

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  13. Kk i dont mind πŸ˜‹ it will be after i finsh joy, conductor and rayy’s
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  14. what about me :eek: lol
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  15. :)
    Mommybot42 how did he leave you out?? :eek::eek:
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  16. Lol sorry πŸ˜‹ was matasking when i wrote it was at mall πŸ˜‹ and it had short wifi access
  17. :p
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