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  1. Hi im an 18 yr old who loves to Draw and makes Crafts.

    Some of the art i draw is Anime Demons / fantasy/ Nature and animals. Some of the other things i like to do is build stuff with cardboard and foam. Some Paintings but only if i'm in mood. I also post all my drawings on instgram for everyone to see and look at them.

    I will do commission but it will have to be in emc money.
    Zandarkins Commission Prices:

    Head and hair only - 3k

    Head down to waist - 5k

    Pokemon repaints of the cards i have/ with custom background - 3k

    Med Size Foam Weapon - 15k

    full Body - 7.1k and 1.2k to add another user

    landscapes - 35k

    what are you ordering:
    do you want your MC skin drawn, or somthing else:
    if not MC skin, link what character/person here:
    any extra informion i should know?
    (Payment upfront. If u dont have money on u right away i can wait for payment) 
    Here are an few drawings i drew and posted on my instgram page.

  2. Ooo, I like your drawings! :D
    What is your favorite drawing that you've made?
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  3. Beautiful :)
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  4. my fav drawing i made is

  5. But the real question is can you draw landscapes
  6. yes
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  7. Do you make avatars?
  8. Love your drawings! :)
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  9. yes
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  10. thanks evil :)
  11. Are you taking submissions or no
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  12. yes i am
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  13. If you could draw me anything with my skin that would be awesome :) I'll pay whatever hehe
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  14. i add my prices for commissions with the question u aweser if u want 1 ;p and

    sure i can make u 1 i will just need an picture of your skin
  15. Full Body Please :)
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  16. kk :) ill start urs today till i have go to mall ;p
  17. An Axe i made out of foam and also painted took 3 days to finish

  18. That's really cool!! What's the stick/handle? That doesn't all look like foam.
  19. The top part is foam and the handle is an wood stick with shoe laces around it and the detals on the handle are foam

    I also started an wizard staff today
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