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  1. Oooh! May I commission you? I apologize for NOT commissioning you this whole time!


    - May I ask for a full-body commission of my minecraft skin? I can supply you with a 3D view of my skin if you'd like with the link here:
    ----> If it's not too much to ask, may I ask that I'm with my diamond pickaxe?

    - References? Sure!

    (Google search of Joy):

    (MoreMoople commission):!ApopYHmICgCEoCyNsMalbNwp6SJJ

    (CarFryer commission):!ApopYHmICgCEpgqdy7TFpDL8CprP

    (My own terrible drawing of myself and Carfryer):!ApopYHmICgCEp1wDplcJEC-X8tzi

    - Payment? I can pay you immediately! :)


    Whew! I think I covered all your points, if not, please do not hesitate to let me know on here or on Discord! :D
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  2. I forgot to *bum bum* keep up with- this threaaaaaad!
    Love the art!
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  3. If you keep up to date with this thread, you'll soon see a picture of me with my diamond pickaxe drawn by ZanDarkin. :)
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  4. thanks :)
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  5. A Spear i made out of foam and PVC pipe to put all the pieces together.
  6. How are the commissions doing?~
  7. I havent worked for a while since school started up again and its stressful. :p but ill get to i when i have time. Im also taking a breck because i didnt like how i drew ot the first time
  8. No worries, personal life comes first yeah? ;)