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  1. Ah okay, shoe laces! I'm looking forward to the wizard staff! :)
  2. whooooaaaa that's sick! I love it

    I'm also a sucker for steampunk stuff I love this
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  3. dang it zan, why must you draw so good >:0
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  4. thanks boscodo and impulsive_egg :)

    im still slowly working on finishing evil's drawing i just cant seem to find an good blue paint yet ;p
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  5. Imma make a drawing thread too :D
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  6. DO IT
  7. Awesome! I look forward to seeing it :D
  8. 0_0 zan that's amazing!!
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  9. im working on an Axe/ Staff/Spear. I ready made them i just need to paint all 3 ;p
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  10. I love your art BTW, you have a lot of potential! Just a few things I thought of that I think could help better improve it (not that it needs it :D) Oh and the face looks awesome too I struggle with the face always haha :p
    Sorry for sounding so mean XD, but here's a few tips:
    Put creases and folds into the clothing, help it look more real. The only thing I'm talking about in this picture is the scarf. Right now it doesn't have much detail and doesn't look realistic. Also, you can make the line thicker (like it was on the head) on the strands of scarf flying behind her head. I really like the staff and the horns, nice details to add to the drawing :) Another point; try adding more shading in the hair, I see you added it but even a border of pencil around some strands and the highlights would look on point 👌. I like the hair details a lot too btw, I can see the effort you put into this :D
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  11. thanks :p and np
  12. Wei Wuxian From Mo Dao Zu Shi (Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation)

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  13. Good job darkin wait so let me get this strat your making a skin for toade