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  1. Hi ZanDarkin! :D

    I really like your art, so I was wondering if you could do a drawing of my Minecraft character? I'll send the payment as soon as I can get in game :)


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  3. ZanDarkin, you've done really well on my drawing (I'll comment on it when you post it), and others have seen it. I posted it in Moople's Discord and they all loved it too~ ^^
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  4. Ill just need a pic of ur skin 😋
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  5. Here it is! :D

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  6. :eek: :eek: :eek:

    I love it so much, thank you for drawing me, I love it so much!!! ^^

    (I noticed a common trend among artists, they draw me bare-footed.~)
  7. Very cool!
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  8. tommorw my teacher holding an art show and some of my art we did in class will be in it :)
  9. Nice! Congrats, I'm sure you will get good responses.
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  10. Thanks :)
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  11. And I may be next!? :eek:
  12. Hi
  13. I have sent payment :)
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  14. Payment sent
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  15. So, I recently forgot I had to pay you :) and then I notice people saying things like, "Payment sent" Or, "I have sent payment" So, I remembered I need to pay you, so successfully paid. :D
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  16. Im getting some time off from school since i dont have to go to exams 😊 so ill have time to draw
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